Starting a company is complex. Accell360 simplifies.

Accell360 helps you build a successful startup from inception to exit.

Offering a comprehensive suite of vetted resources, Accell360 empowers you to realize the commercial potential of your technological discovery. The Accell360 roadmap comprises 6 stages, each corresponding to a phase of the research-based venture life cycle: Basic Research, Use-Inspired Research, Proof-of-Concept, Pre-Seed, Early Stage Investment, Growth.

Where Am I Now?

Review the objectives and description of each stage in the commercialization process to see where your venture may be today.

Stage 1 – Basic Research

Through education and reflection, decide whether to move forward and found a new venture. Accell360 curates educational resources so that you can decide on the best path forward.

Stage 2 – Use-Inspired Research

Test, refine, and validate your venture concept through conversations with potential customers and industry leaders. Accell360 can introduce you to on-campus entrepreneurial resources that can support this primary market research effort.

Stage 3 – Proof-of-Concept

Once your venture establishes a go-to-market thesis, the next step is to coalesce the executive team and formulate a preliminary commercialization plan. Accell360 will provide introductions to on- and off-campus resources that can help.

Stage 4 – Pre-Seed

Transitioning from research project to corporate venture. Accell360 can provide guidance on the operational, logistical, administrative, and financial aspects.

Stage 5: Early Stage Investment

By Stage 5, startups should be ready to submit proposals to funding agencies (e.g. NSF, NIH) for SBIR/STTR funding, and/or be in a position to pursue private financing. Accell360 brings together various informational resources  to set your venture up for fundraising success.

Stage 6: Growth

As your venture evolves, so does the nature of your venture’s operational, commercial, and technical needs. Accell360 will continue to provide support in the form of on-going connections to industry and investors and guidance on the operational aspects of growing a business.