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Fundamental Focus

Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.
~ Michael Jordan

Director's Letter
Director's Letter
Director's Letter

Over the years, the Center for Research Innovation’s capacity to grow and implement new initiatives has been sustained by a commitment to the fundamentals. Fiscal year 2017 provided an opportunity to underscore this commitment, and through a careful calibration of resources, personnel, and processes, the CRI is primed to empower Northeastern’s innovative, enterprising community for the years ahead.

Many of the seeds planted since the CRI’s inception started to blossom in 2017, including an increase in industry sponsored research, an acceleration of venture funding, and a surge in issued patents. By focusing on basic elements such as quality patents, industry demand, and relationship engagement, the CRI has mobilized practices reflecting the most efficient and effective paths to commercial outcomes.

Organizations need to remain agile, responsive, and attentive in order to thrive, and the CRI is no exception. Just as commercial ventures maximize growth trajectories by “pivoting,” 2017 saw the CRI broaden existing programs (e.g., RISE) and introduce programs (e.g., Pathways to Partnership) that enrich industry engagement and advance the University’s vision for its use-inspired portfolio.

As Northeastern continues to multiply research capabilities and broaden entrepreneurial ecosystems, the Center for Research Innovation continues to meet these compounding needs. Through sustained focus on the fundamentals coupled with a driving commitment to superior service, 2018 will find the CRI ceaselessly refining its practices to better serve Northeastern and expedite innovation’s journey from lab to market, from passion to impact.

Tracey Dodenhoff, Director

Tracey Dodenhoff Signature

Invention Disclosures
Invention Disclosures
Invention Disclosures

Neu Cri Invention Disclosures

Invention disclosures are the product of ingenuity.

The cornerstone of the patenting process.

The harbinger of social impact.

Solutions shaping the future.

Patent Applications
Patent Applications
Patent Applications

Patent Applications

Patents protect.

And protecting Northeastern innovation is paramount.

By combining invincible disclosure, enabled application, and legal acumen, the CRI safeguards Northeastern ingenuity.

Quality Patents
Quality Patents
Quality Patents

Cri Issued Patents

Northeastern ranks among the top 100 universities worldwide for granted US patents.

More than a statistic — this is a symbol.

Symbolizing a fundamental commitment to innovation that engenders prosperity.

9,556,118 – Allosteric Modulators of CB1 Cannabinoid Receptors

9,664,382 – Method and Device for Fuel and Power Generation by Clean Combustion of Organic Waste Material

9,486,540 – Methods for Delivery to the Central Nervous System of Nucleic Acid Nanoparticles to Treat Nervous System Disorders

9,623,124 – Multimodal Diagnostic Technology for Early Stage Cancer Lesions

9,425,765 – Nano- and Micro-Electromechanical Resonators

9,474,716 – siRNA Phospholipid Conjugate

9,548,382 – Spintronic Device

9,568,568 – A Device for Direct Microwave Measurement of Permeability as a Function of High DC Voltage

201480008025.4 (China) – Biomolecular Processing Platform and Uses Thereof

9,580,400 – Cannabinergic Nitrate Esters and Related Analogs

9,518,106 – Chemical Sensor Based on Highly Organized Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Networks

6126108 (Japan) – Damascene Template for Directed Assembly and Transfer of Nanoelements

9,388,047 – Directed Assembly of Carbon Nanotubes and Nanoparticles Using Nanotemplates with Nano-trenches or Nanowires

9,482,604 – Equi-Biaxial Membrane Stretcher

9,508,333 – Magnetoelectric Pickup Element for Detecting Oscillating Magnetic Fields

6120778 (Japan) – Methods and Compositions for Highly Specific Capture and Release of Biological Materials

9,495,745 – Method for Analyzing Biological Specimens by Spectral Imaging

2,763,811 (Canada) – Method of Reconstituting Cellular Spectra Useful for Detecting Cellular Disorders

6113720 (Japan) – Phase Correction to Compensate for Reflective Distortions of Optical Spectra

9,546,743 – Sealable Microvalve That Can Be Repeatedly Opened and Sealed

9,575,045 – Signal Processing Methods and Systems for Explosive Detection and Identification Using Electromagnetic Radiation

9,377,422 – System and Method for a Microfluidic Calorimeter

9,514,764 – Systems and Methods for Enhancing Place-of-Articulation Features in Frequency-Lowered Speech

222253 (Israel) – Tunable Laser-Based Infrared Imaging System and Method of Use Thereof

9,517,989 – 2-Cycloalkyl Resorcinol Cannabinergic Ligands

Industry Engagement
Industry Engagement
Industry Engagement

Relationships drive results — a leading principle behind commercialization efforts at the CRI.

Industry communicates pain points, the CRI facilitates tailored solutions.

From collaborative research to licensing technologies, conducive engagement is our fundamental aim.

  • Hosted over 20 multinational companies, 4 from Forbes Global 500 List
  • Catalyzed $500,000 in Sponsored Research
  • Protected 12 confidential discussions with Non-Disclosure Agreements

Canon | GlaxoSmithKline | Pfizer | Samsung

Industry Leadership
Industry Leadership
Industry Leadership

Leadership is earned behind the scenes.

By grit, tenacity, insight, follow-through.

By continuously practicing the fundamentals of success.


Cri Digital Report Graphics Agreements

Acorns mature into oaks.

Commercialization efforts into licenses and options.

Institutional collaboration, cooperative innovation.

The benefits of which are tangibly experienced by many.

As use-inspired technologies move from lab bench to counter top.

Advanced Materials | Imaging & Sensors | Medical Devices | Pharmaceuticals | Regenerative Medicine


Cri Revenue Graphic

Licensing, royalties, equity — sources feeding the CRI revenue stream.

By actively promoting technologies and strategically investing in entrepreneurial ventures, the CRI practices its commitment to accelerating the flow of Northeastern innovation toward real-world application.

Program Spotlight
Program Spotlight
Program Spotlight

Northeastern’s fundamental philosophy is “use-inspired” research, research that improves day-in, day-out existence.

The CRI’s newest program, Pathways to Partnership, supports this philosophy by connecting Northeastern lab directors with industry R&D executives.

Employing a panel format, Northeastern panelists outline research expertise and lab capabilities for attendees from related fields who seek solutions to their pressing R&D needs.

Pairing capabilities with needs to generate customized solutions — this is the pathway to use-inspired partnership.

Research Areas Presented
Nanomedicine | Advanced Materials | Imaging | Clean Energy | Resilience | Networks

Companies Represented
GlaxoSmithKline | Edgewell Personal Care | Henkel | Samsung | MITRE | CDM Smith



Opportunity: the essential element of RISE.

The opportunity to showcase Research, Innovation, and Scholarship.

The opportunity to encounter pioneering technologies and ambitious talent.

The opportunity to connect Institution and Industry.

This is RISE.

Entrepreneurial Culture
Entrepreneurial Culture
Entrepreneurial Culture

Sometimes the shortest distance between innovation and commercialization is a Spin Out.

That’s why the CRI offers customized licensing terms and multidimensional support for these entrepreneurial ventures.

Spin Out Spotlight

In May, CRI spin out StreetScan closed an international deal with CMCT* securing $1.5 million in funding alongside the formation of a joint venture slated to bring StreetScan’s robust pavement inspection capabilities to China’s booming infrastructure.

Commenting on the partnership, Co-founder Ralf Birken declares:

StreetScan is very excited to bring our innovative road inspection and management services to the Chinese market with such an influential industry leader. These funds facilitate StreetScan’s expansion within the US and Canada and the continued development of pioneering sensing solutions and services that Smart Cities demand.

*CMCT is a subsidiary of China Merchants Group, a conglomerate with a $1 trillion portfolio spanning transportation, finance, and real estate and annual revenue exceeding $16 billion.
Media Presence
Media Presence
Media Presence

CRI Media Presence

The CRI’s media presence serves one function: to convey information.

Information about resources, innovation, and opportunity.

Resources for inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Innovative news for catalyzing future ingenuity.

Opportunity in myriad forms.

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