DZZOM raises $0.6 million in Private Offering


DZZOM, a network medicine company spun out from a collaboration between Northeastern University’s Network Science Institute and Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Channing Division of Network Medicine, announced on December 1, 2015 that it has completed a seed financing totaling $0.6 million through a private placement from undisclosed angel investors. DZZOM focuses on accelerating drug development by uncovering and analyzing disease modules in the human protein-protein interaction network (known as Interactome).

“This financing round and the growing number of projects with leading biopharma companies using DZZOM’s technologies, shows undoubtedly the convergence of drug/biomarker development and the value of network science. We believe by cracking the Interactome using our network-based predictive tools, DZZOM will empower development of safer and more effective drugs for millions of patients,” stated Albert-László Barabási, chairman of DZZOM and director of the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University, where he holds the titles of University Distinguished Professor and Robert Gray Dodge Professor of Network Science.

“Our team is extremely excited to further develop DZZOM’s platform technology and reduce significantly the uncertainty in drug development by improving our understanding on the underlying molecular mechanisms of complex diseases. We are committed to introduce novel applications next year leading to more effective, targeted therapies for a wide array of chronic diseases. DZZOM will use the proceeds to expand development on Network Medicine software platform while extending its team in Boston,”  added Marcell Veidner, president and CEO of DZZOM.

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