Where in the World was the CRI?


The CRI was pleased to represent Northeastern at the 2015 Therapeutic Area Partnerships conference prior to the new year.  The conference brought together business leaders from across the biotech and pharmaceutical industries and provided key learnings and takeaways, including:

  •  Analysis of trends and opportunities in licensing and deal making
  •  Business insights from many of the industry’s top leaders and decision makers
  •  Key insights into fast-changing therapeutic areas
  •  Opportunities for one-on-one partnering meetings

In December, the CRI also participated in the T3 Large Company Meeting, hosted by the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center.  The meeting consisted of presentations by several companies from both Engineering and Life Sciences.  Companies provided attendees with an overview of their Open Innovation programs.  They outlined, both their specific technology needs and interests, as well as their preferred models of engagement with Universities.  Participating companies included, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Shell TechWorks, Thales xPlor, Roche Pharma, and Shire HGT.

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