Date: March 13, 2014

Location: Curry Student Center, Boston Main Campus

These workshops were facilitated by faculty and staff on a range of topics designed to enhance teaching and learning throughout the CPS curriculum.

“Exploring Experiential Learning”

  • Kevin Bell, Executive Director of Curriculum Development and Deployment
  • Joe Griffin, Graduate Faculty, Project Management
  • Dee Masiello, Assistant Dean for Graduate Leadership Programs

In this session the presenters will demonstrate ideas and theory related to the assimilation of experiential activities into online courses. This will include an experiential activity for audience participants and samples from CPS and Online Experiential Learning courses.




“Exploring the Latest Blackboard Tools and Functionality”

  • Charles Kilfoye, Senior Director of Distance Learning & Educational Technology, NU Online
  • Tim Harper, Instructional Designer, NU Online
  • Donna DiGiovanni, Instructional Designer, NU Online
  • Justin Horvath, Instructional Designer, NU Online

The 21st Century teaching & learning environment in higher education requires you to make many complex decisions about the technology and teaching strategies to use in your virtual classrooms. Northeastern University Online can help you make these critical decisions with simple evidence-based formulas on the tools available to you and when to use them in your virtual classrooms.

This session will discuss recommended approaches for using the latest features and tools available from the Blackboard Learning Management System in your upcoming online, hybrid and blended classrooms. Highlights include: Video Everywhere, Avatars, Respondus lock down browser, “Post First” discussion forum option, and Inline grading.


“Defining Scholarship with Boyer’s Four Areas of Scholarship Explored and the New Digital Scholarship A Faculty Conversation”

  • Nancy Pawlyshyn, Ph.D., Senior Faculty Fellow, Higher Education Administration and Academic Officer
  • Joseph McNabb, Ph.D., Senior Faculty Fellow, Higher Education Administration

“All we are doing in scholarship is continuing the conversation…making contributions and filling in gaps,” says Edward Ayers, president of University of Richmond and the recent winner of NACU’s 2014 Ernest Boyer Award. This session will explore the definition of scholarship according to Ernest Boyer’s model as explicated in Scholarship Reconsidered, Ayers’ work in digital scholarship, and the connections to our faculty work here at CPS.


“Pathway Program Overview and Tips for Effectively Working with International Students”

  • David Fields, Ph.D., Director, Global Student Success, CPS-International Programs
  • Mahtab Rezvani, M.A., Assistant Academic Specialist, CPS-International Programs
  • Christi Barb, Ph.D., Assistant Academic Specialist, CPS-International Programs

This session will focus on three key areas: An overview of Northeastern’s unique pathway programs, faculty expectations and teaching tips when working with international students, and small group work to develop strategies for your specific classes.

“What Did You Say? Reciprocal Reflection as a Guide for Providing Effective Feedback”

  • Kristen Lee Costa, Ed.D., LICSW, Lead Faculty for Behavioral Sciences
  • Douglas L. Flor, Ph.D., Director of Academic Quality Assurance

Students range in their level of tolerance for feedback.  As instructors, how can we best monitor a student’s progress through the process of reciprocal reflection?  This workshop will explore ways to distinguish student vulnerability to feedback as a means of informing instructional design and reflective teaching practice

“Building Assessments Throughout Your Course”

  • Susan Chang, Ph.D, Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Through Research

How do we, as teachers, know that our students are learning what we think they are learning? How do we demonstrate that the students in our classroom are meeting the objectives? The assessment of student learning is often divorced from grades and therefore centered on course and/or program outcomes.  This workshop will provide ideas for efficient assessment methods that can be seamless and even integrated into your grading process.


“Improving Accessibility in Online Courses”

  • Jennifer Pope, Copy & Compliance Editor
  • Mary Barrows, Sr. Director – Learning Strategies & Student Success, Disability Resource Center

How does Northeastern University Online support students with disabilities? Learn more about working with different groups at Northeastern to ensure your course is accessible for your students.  This session will take a look at 5 best practices for online course accessibility and why being proactive is important for both the instructor and the student.