Date: OCTOBER 9, 2014
Location: Sheraton Boston Hotel, 39 Dalton St, Boston, MA 02199


Morning Program

CPS_100914_002Welcome: John Caron, Senior Associate Dean-Academic & Faculty Affairs- WATCH VIDEO




CPS_100914_005Greeting: Dean John LaBrie –WATCH VIDEO




Keynote Speaker Introduction: Dr. Gail Matthews‐DeNatale, Faculty Graduate Education

CPS_100914_046Keynote Speaker: Tracy Penny Light, PhD., Executive Director, Centre for Student Engagement and Learning Innovation,   Thompson Rivers University “Ebola and Terrorism: How ‘Big Ideas’ in Higher Education are Relevant in the Classroom (and Can  Save the World)” –WATCH VIDEO



“Case Studies: Bridging Learning with Real World Challenges”

      • Faculty Presenters-Mary Thompson-Jones, Julia Ivy, Chris Unger, Teresa Goode, and Abdulrahman Alqahtani, MD & MSL student: Four Faculty from different disciplines offer their approaches to teaching with case studies. VIEW  PRESENTATION SLIDES; WATCH VIDEO

“Experiential Learning: Employer and Student Expectations”

      • Ellen Stoddard, Director Cooperative Education; Joanne Goldstein, Assoc. VP Workforce Development & Employer Engagement- VIEW PRESENTATION SLIDES; WATCH VIDEO

Afternoon Program

“Raise Your Game”

Engaging Your Students with Current E-Learning Trends and Technologies. Follow a CPS student through his busy day as he engages with some exciting new Blackboard tools. WATCH VIDEO

      • Donna DiGiovanni, Instructional Designer: NU Online; Ryan Fleming, Instructional Designer: NU Online

“Help Yourself Raise Your Game”

“Making Your Course More Accessible for All Learners”

Learn best practices for creating a universally accessible online course.VIEW the process of what happens when a student with a disability enrolls in your course.

      • Jennifer Pope, Copy & Compliance Editor: NU Online

“Superheroes and Storybook Characters: Exploring and Understanding Personality Types and Leadership Qualities”

Reflecting on superhero characters and their influences on group dynamics, relationships, personality differences, and serving the greater good.


“Engaging Online Students with Online Virtual Lectures”

      • Darin Detwiler, Faculty-Regulatory Affairs VIEW PRESENTATION SLDIES 

“Applying Adult Learning Theory to Self-directed Learning”

      • Patty Goodman-Faculty-Communication- VIEW PRESENTATION SLIDES 

“Forming an Online Book Club with Students”

      • Shauna Harrington-Faculty-Graduate Education VIEW PRESENTATION SLIDES 

“Digital Storytelling”

      • Gail Matthews-DeNatale, Faculty-Graduate Education-VIEW PRESENTATION SLIDES

“Navigating CPS: Nuts and Bolts”

      • Michael Boudreau, Senior Student Success Specialist; Jay Rivituso, Director , Academic Operations- VIEW PRESENTATION SLIDES ; Beth Rochefort, Assoc. Director of Educational Tech VIEW PRESENTATION SLIDES

“Using Branch Scenarios for Assessment”

      • Joe Ryan, Instructional Designer: NU Online- VIEW PRESENTATION SLIDES

Faculty Recognition: Dean LaBrie-WATCH VIDEO

Poster Session:

    • Rita Allen‐ Faculty, Undergraduate Programs: Personal Branding and Marketing Yourself- VIEW POSTER
    • Brian Bullock-Faculty, Graduate Education; Gail Matthews‐DeNatale, Faculty, Graduate Education on: Twtter as a Tool for Engagement- VIEW POSTER
    • Qinghong Cai‐ Faculty, World Language Center: Bilingual Guided Meditation Program: Academic Anxiety Reduction and Foreign Language Learning Enhancement- VIEW POSTER
    • Sara Ewell‐ Faculty, Graduate Education: Understanding the Support Received by K‐12 Administrators who Complete their Doctor of Education-VIEW POSTER
    • Magali Feruzi‐ Assistant Director, Finance; David Fields ‐ Interim Assistant Dean,Graduate Academic and Faculty Affairs; Deborah Berwaldt ‐ Special Assistant and Project Administrator, Office of the Dean; Mike Jackson‐ Assistant Dean, Summer Term; and Mindy Anastasia‐ Director, Strategic Research and Planning: The World is Too Interesting to Ignore: Advancing CPS Globalization- VIEW POSTER
    • Dave Hagen‐ Faculty, Homeland Security and Criminal Justice; Jason Poitras-Faculty, Homeland Security and Criminal Justice; Establishing Interdisciplinary Student Research Project- VIEW POSTER
    • Justin Horvath ‐ Instructional Designer, NU Online: Strategies to Support Mobile Learning-VIEW POSTER
    • Julia Ivy‐ Faculty, Graduate Programs: Relationship Strategies in a Low‐Trust Environment-VIEW POSTER
    • Fred Lopez‐ Faculty, Mechanical Engineering Technology: Synthesis and Characterization of Aluminum Nanoparticles with Customized Coatings Manufactured via the Flow‐Levitation Method- VIEW POSTER;  VIEW POSTER
    • Dawn Mackiewicz-Faculty, Global and Online: Promoting Learning Through Technology and Team Work-VIEW POSTER
    • S. Atyia Martin‐ Faculty, Homeland Security: Civil Rights and Emergency Management Social Factors of Vulnerability and Ignored Legal Imperatives-VIEW POSTER
    • Vasiliki Mavroudis‐ Director of Operations, Transnational Education: Teach Transnationally: Explore the World-VIEW POSTER
    • Shakir Mustafa‐ Faculty, World Languages Center: Found in Translation: The American Invasion of Iraq that Never Happened- VIEW POSTER
    • Roxanne Palmatier‐ Assistant Head, Research and Instruction; Jamie Dendy ‐ Head,Research and Instruction, NU Library: Library Services for the College of Professional Studies-VIEW POSTER
    • Mary Thompson‐Jones ‐ Professor of Practice, Faculty Director of Global Studies and International Relations: WikiLeaks Workshop: Learning to Use Graduate Students as Research Assistants- VIEW POSTER
    • Esther Tutella‐Chen ‐ Faculty, Foundation Year: Internal Family Therapy as a Framework for Academic Advising- VIEW POSTER

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