What is FAIR?

The CPS Faculty Academic Integrity Review (FAIR) is a CPS Blackboard organization that houses an interactive 1-hour (many instructors complete it in much less time) review of support and expected actions to address academic integrity issues.

FAIR was developed in collaboration with faculty (many featured in videos throughout the modules), the dean’s office, the Office of Academic Advising (OAA), and the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR) and covers:

  • Prevalence of integrity violations in CPS
  • Using the Faculty Advisor Communication Tool (FACT) to start triage for issues
  • Reporting to OSCCR and the role of OSCCR
  • Strategies and tools to help faculty and students reduce violations

FAIR also houses the Academic Integrity Module/Quiz, an adaptive release module that you can add to any Bb course. It requires students to take a short quiz confirming basic understanding of expectations regarding academic integrity; students must take and pass the quiz in order to gain access to the rest of the course.

A short assessment helps CPS know you understand the material of FAIR, and also gives you an opportunity to provide feedback.


*Note: All new CPS instructors are required to take FAIR before starting to teach. Current CPS Instructors are encouraged, but not required to take FAIR. All instructors may access resources or any of the modules of FAIR at any time.

Accessing FAIR?

CPS Faculty Academic Integrity Review (FAIR) is located within NU Online/CPS Blackboard, in the tab for NU Online Campus, under My Organizations.  You’ll find the four modules of the review after the welcome video of Interim Dean Mary Loeffelholz in the folder Lesson Materials.

You can find the adaptive release module and directions for setting it up in your course in the Download the Academic Integrity Module folder. The Assessment for FAIR can be found underneath.

For Help Accessing FAIR or Other Questions About Academic Integrity in CPS, please contact CPS-AcademicIntegrity@Northeastern.edu