Instructors may receive email requests to submit FACT reports (e.g. “FACTs”) for students during preset points in each course, typically a few weeks into the course, and around the mid-point of the course. In the vast majority of cases, students flagged for reporting are currently on academic probation, but a student may also be flagged for a variety of reasons including personal issues, a downward trend in performance, or having been found responsible for violating the Academic Integrity Policy. Additionally, sometimes a case is requested because a student is a participant in a program that requires reporting of academic progress.

Faculty are asked to submit the case within the time period designated in the reporting email. Receiving the case early allows the adviser to reach out to the student promptly to provide assistance or address issues identified by the instructor, and can help ensure that students make any necessary changes to their performance or drop a class before its too late. If the FACT reporting request comes prior to the first assessment or shortly before a midterm assessment, you may wait until that time to submit the FACT. You will still be able to see students who have been flagged for reporting.