Accessing FACT in Canvas

  1. Login  to  Canvas
  2. Click Course Tile or Name
  3. Click the “FACT Reporting and Photo Roster” link in the course navigation menu on the left side

*Please Note: “FACT Reporting and Course Roster” may not appear or may appear lower in your Canvas course navigation window; however, you can add links and control link order.*

4. Click the red “Report” button in the row of the student for whom you are submitting FACT report.

5. Within the FACT Reporting Form, select the level of concern, and toggle the slide switches to identify particular areas of concern. You may also provide additional details in the comments, or leave a note that will go directly to the student.

Options for Yello and Red FACTs

You can also find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about FACT here.

If after reviewing these resources you need additional clarification and/or have any non-technical questions about FACT please send an email to

If you think you are having a technical issue please also cc the IT Service Desk via email at, or call 617.373.HELP (x4357), referencing FACT for CPS in Canvas.