By default, notification of the FACT, along with any information entered under the “Actions I suggest to the student” goes to the student: only information from this section, along with selected concerns, is visible to the student. All other information is only available to the adviser or relevant staff.

As such, it is very important that you provide information that you think will be useful to the student to be made aware of her/his progress in the course and action s/he may take to improve her/his progress.

You are strongly encouraged to correspond with the student regarding your concerns, and/or to include that correspondence directly in the FACT, in the field for next steps for the student. As you know best how the student is progressing in your course and how s/he may improve, please share this information with the student. The student’s academic adviser is happy to provide supplemental support and resources to the student based on your recommendations.

If you would not like the student to receive notification regarding the FACT, you must deselect the relevant switch/toggle.