Please note that students who have been flagged for time sensitive reporting may need better than satisfactory grades to reattain good academic standing; if a flagged student does not currently have an A-range grade in your course, a yellow FACT can help ensure that if they need a higher grade, they receive intervention to support that.

If a student flagged for time sensitive reporting is doing well in your class, you are strongly encouraged to submit a “Green” FACT. This can help assure the student and advisor that they are on the right track. Updating the report if the student’s performance changes can also help the advisor and program determine trends in individual student and cohort performance. If you do not submit a green FACT for a flagged student who is doing well, you will not be penalized, but you will continue to receive FACT reporting requests during the time sensitive reporting period.

If the student was NOT selected to receive a time sensitive FACT it is not necessary to submit.