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WEBINAR: Motivating through Exposure to a Desired Future: “Eat Dessert First”
Jul 6 @ 4:00 pm – 4:45 pm
Presenter: Michelle Park, NU Global Faculty

When learners do not feel intrinsic interest or a sense of urgency around a distant goal, they can easily lose motivation.  This webinar will introduce a pedagogical concept of “Pipeline” that motivates students by giving them exposure to a version of their “future selves” that is closer to achieving a goal – allowing learners to envision their future and acknowledge what it will require of them.  This direct exposure to future demands is intended to increase how much students value the work needed to prepare for that future.

The webinar will include the qualitative and quantitative survey data that indicate how students’ experience in the target domain helped learners construct motivation and better perceive future demands.  It will define the pre-matriculation programs available at Northeastern University while also providing information and implications on how faculty, staff, and administration can benefit from the findings to mutually enhance learning and teaching while working with international as well as domestic students.

Michelle Park is an Adjunct Faculty in American Classroom and Global Pathways program at NU Global, dedicated for international students in pre-matriculation track offered through College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University.  She has taught multiple sections of Advanced Listening and Speaking, Communicating on Campus, and Culture and Communication Skills for University courses and has received the Best Teacher Award voted by students in Spring 2016 semester.  Michelle earned her M.S. in Intercultural Communication from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and had previously presented her research related to Second Language Acquisition at Harvard Graduate School of Education and the annual Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Convention and Exhibit.  She has recently presented her study related to Motivation at Northeastern University’s Conference for Advancing Evidence-Based Teaching.  Her research interest focuses on Motivational Interview, Positive Psychology, and Positive Education to promote long-term learning.  Michelle is also the developer of Pipeline curriculum and founder of PiPELINE Education, a non-profit organization to support students leverage their learning experience.

This webinar is sponsored by Global Student SuccessClick here for our archive of recorded webinars.

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