Co-op Connectors

Christopher Conard – San Francisco Connector

My name is Christopher and I am rising 4th year Computer and Electrical Engineering major currently on co-op here at Apple in Cupertino (South Bay) until the end of the summer.  Travel is an important part of my life and I try to explore and adventure as much as possible – internationally, domestically, and locally.  I haven't spent much time in this area up until now but I'm excited to learn the land.  From what I've seen so far, it doesn’t get much better than the bay area – great weather, tons of hiking, two large international airports, white beaches, incredible food, …. and legal lane-splitting for motorcyclists!  


Fun Facts: 

I have lived in 5 states (Kansas, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, and now California)

I have traveled to 30 countries and 48 states (hoping to knock out those last two soon!)

Tennis is my favorite sport and the only one I follow. I'll play just about anything though (or try at least)

I went on two Dialogues of Civilizations, one in Greece and the other in Germany