Spring 2011 Co-op Connectors



New York City

Hello! My name's Katie and I'm from the North Shore (MA).  I am a fourth year business major and doing my co-op at AOL.  After doing my co-op in NYC last cycle as well, I realized the importance of staying connected with other students while being away.  The city is so big and sometimes overwhelming, so it's nice to feel like you have a network of Northeastern students to come back to.  The Co-op Connectors during my last cycle were great at getting everyone together and planning fun events.  One of the best trips was to the Bronx Zoo, in which we got about 20 people to come and had a really great time.  My hope is that everyone will be just as excited to stay connected this time around and we can plan some fun events!

I love NYC and keep coming back to it.  I grew up in NJ and always came into the city to visit family, then went to NYU my first year of college and am doing both of my co-ops there.  The city has so much to offer, and I can't wait to have some fun new experiences with all of you!

If you have any ideas for events or anything, please let me know! My email is kld302@gmail.com.


San Diego


Hello! My name is Jared Pape. I just moved to San Diego to begin my second co-op at the Military Sealift Command at the Point Loma Naval Station. I am a middler business student. Last July, I went to France for Summer II classes with several other Northeastern students. I realized the benefits of having a familiar group in an unfamiliar setting. I am from the east coast and this is my first time to California, so this is all new to me.

San Diego looks like a great city with so many places to check out. Perhaps we can do a trip to the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, etc. If you are more familiar with the area or have an idea of your own, please provide suggestions. Feel free to email me at pape.j@husky.neu.eduor find me on Facebook. I'm not usually a huge Facebook user, but I realize this may be the best method for us to coordinate events. I look forward to meeting everyone and planning out some events!


Washington DC


Hey! My name is Shana Eatman and I am a fourth year International Affairs major and Anthropology and Environmental Studies minor. I'm from a small town in Massachusetts but I'm currently in Washington, DC for my third co-op. I'm working at the National Association of States United on Aging and Disabilities but I'm also taking a few classes at Georgetown. I've done my previous two co-ops in Boston so this is most certainly a change for me.

Washington, DC is a vibrant and bustling metropolitan city! I unquestionably see the value of having a network of Northeastern students and I'm so excited to be this semester's Co-op Connector for Washington, DC. My goal is to work closely with the DC's NU Alumni group along with all of the co-ops that are here to put together fun and exciting events.

Please email or facebook me with any suggestions. The city has so much to do and we only have a short amount of time here! My email is shana.w.e@gmail.com and I look forward to meeting everyone at our next event!