Fall 2016 Co-op Connectors

Andrew Hernandez – Boston Connector Committee

Andrew Hernandez

Hi my name is Andrew I'm a third year student currently working as a financial analyst for Brookline Bankcop. I grew up in Santa Barbara, California and I enjoy outdoors activities like runming, hiking, and kayaking. I'm an Econ major, and I have an interested in studying social issues and finding potential solutions to remedy the social injustice we have today.

Yifan Xing – Boston Connector Committee

Yifan Xing

Hi, I am Yifan Xing, 3rd year student studying Computer Science and Business at Northeastern University. I am doing my first Co-op in IT department at State Street.

Chris Lamarre – Boston Connector Committee (Social Media Coordinator)

Christopher Lamarre

Hi, my name is Chris. I am a third year business major with a concentration in finance. Currently, I am doing my co-op at Mass Housing, an affordable housing company located in Boston. In my free time, I enjoy working out, playing sports, and watching movies. I am very excited to plan some fun events during the course of the semester and can't wait to meet everyone.

Cori Posner – Boston Connector Committee

Cori Posner

My name is Cori Posner and I'm a third year Biochemistry major. I am on my first co-op at the MIT BioMicro Center.  My latest obsessions include running and succulents!

Jisoo Han – Boston Connector Committee (Graphic Designer)

Jisoo Han

Hi! My name is Jisoo and I'm a third year biochemistry major minoring in math. Currently, I'm co-oping as part of the protein expression group at Compass Therapeutics in Cambridge. Despite being from the suburbs of Massachusetts so close to Boston, there's still so many things I've yet to try and so many amazing places to visit in the city. I love to travel, always down for anything outdoorsy, and I look forward to doing just that and much more through all the events this year.

Alice Yang – Boston Connector Committee

Alice Yang

Hello! I'm Alice Yang, and I am a third year Pharmacy student. I grew up in Oklahoma before coming to Boston for school, and I love it here! I am currently on my first co-op at CVS Specialty Pharmacy in Chinatown. I enjoy psychological thrillers, horror movies, and amusement parks--yes, I'm an adrenaline junkie (skydiving is still on my bucket list). If you guys ever see me in Marino, Snell, or just around campus, please do say hi!

Ryan Maia – Boston Connector Committee

Ryan Maia

Hey! I'm Ryan Maia, a third year double-major in International Affairs and Philosophy. Currently, I'm working at my first coop at the Boston Bar Association, and I'm also doing an unpaid internship for the Integrated Heritage Project, a budding international non-profit I learned about through Northeastern. Last semester I had the opportunity to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland, a.k.a. my new home away from home. I'm also an ambassador for the College of Social Sciences and Humanities. When not working hard, I indulge in photography, running, and shower singing. I'm always thrilled to talk about my experiences and hear about yours; don't be shy!

Jay Shome – Boston Connector Committee

Jay Shome

Heya! I'm Jay, a Junior studying Computer Engineering with a minor in Business. I spend most of my time playing golf, working with startups, being involved as an RA on campus and I look forward to connecting our co-op community! Feel free to reach out to me about anything and everything. See you around!

Andrew Havasy – Silicon Valley Connector


My name is Andrew Havasy and I am currently a Co-op at VMware here in sunny Silicon Valley! I am originally from right outside Washington D.C in Northern Virginia and just started my Senior year. I am studying Business Administration/Political Science along with International Affairs and back on campus you can find me working with the IRC/Husky Ambassadors.

More than anything I love to travel, I started Northeastern in the N.U.in Ireland program and have studied abroad in both Brazil and Australia for summer semesters. Otherwise I enjoy going out and going to concerts, catching up on Movies/TV and a huge fan of adrenaline sports like bungee jumping.

I’m excited to start planning some fun events around the valley and hopefully in the city and I’m looking forward to meeting I haven’t had the chance to run into!


My name is Sarada Symonds, and I am a third year computer engineering/computer science major. I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area growing up, and am very excited about spending my first co-op cycle in SoMa at Yeti, a product design and development studio. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and exploring San Francisco!

Jenny Jones – L.A. Connector

Jenny Jones Pic

Hi! My name is Jenny Jones. I'm a 4th year student at Northeastern studying Speech Pathology and Audiology, and I'm originally from the Los Angeles area. I love hiking, the beach, Pokemon Go (so many fire and water types in Southern California, woohoo!), and music. Besides LA and Boston, I spend a lot of time in Colorado working at a summer camp in the Rocky Mountains.

Katie Desrosiers – Seattle Connector


Hello! I'm Katie Desrosiers and I'm a fifth year Communications and Marketing major doing my third coop at Amazon in Seattle. I'm from Rhode Island and its my first time out on the West Coast. On campus I work for the Program for Undeclared Students and am a part of one of the sororities on campus. I'm living in Belltown here in Seattle, but want to explore as much of the PNW as possible in the next six months. My interests include eating, alpacas, and people watching. I'm excited to plan some things for us to do around here, but please let me know if you have ideas as well!

Priya Gupta – Connecticut Connector

Priya Gupta

My name is Priya Gupta and I'm a junior at Northeastern majoring in Chemical Engineering. I'm currently working at GE Energy Financial Services as the Technical Risk Co-op in Stamford, CT. I'm excited to meet all of you and hope you are all looking forward to attending some fun events to get to know the area and each other a little better! If you ever have any questions about the area, I grew up in Fairfield County so please don't hesitate to reach out! I will be reaching out to all of you soon so if you have any ideas of things you'd like to do together please let me know!

Lara Nuchowicz – New York City Connector

Lara Profile Pic

Hi!  My name is Lara.  I am a senior Business student concentrating in Finance & Entrepreneurship. In Boston, I am a member of the E-club and organized the Husky Startup Challenge last semester. I am currently on my second co-op, working at a startup called Monthly Gift. I love NYC and enjoy discovering new places around the city. Feel free to contact me if you want to do any particular activities or just to grab a bite after work!

Mitko Nikolov – New York City Connector

Mitko NYC Connector Fall 2016

Hi, my name is Mitko; I am 22. I am originally from Bulgaria. At Northeastern, I study Computer Science and Theatre. Currently, I am a Software Engineer and Business Co-op at a wealth management company called Vanare. I love seeing Theatre, working out, exploring cities, swimming, skiing, going to beautiful places outdoors, and I really wanna learn to surf. I am very excited about doing all of these here in New York, and, no matter if you wanna go grab a drink or talk about something to do, feel free to reach out to me anytime!

Divya Erram – DC Connector

DivyaErram - DC Connector Fall 2016

Hi All! My name is Divya Erram, I am a fifth year Communications major co-oping in D.C. at Advoc8 this fall. Being from Benicia, California I am just barely getting used to the humidity here so if you have tips on surviving please let me know, but I still enjoy being outdoors and active. Back on campus I am a member of Student Government and a sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority. My favorite activities include exploring the different DC neighborhoods one restaurant at a time, capturing instagram-able moments, and enjoying the history that our nation's capitol offers. I am incredibly excited to meet you guys and to plan some memorable events, but, most importantly I can't wait to make the most of our six months here. Please do let me know if you have any suggestions, or just say hi!

Yuki Shuck – Singapore Connector

Yuki Shuck - Singapore Connector Fall 2016

Hi everyone and welcome to my home, Singapore! My name is Yuki Shuck and I am currently a rising senior studying Finance and Marketing. I am doing my third and final co-op back in my home country. I love to eat, travel and spin! As I have been away for four years, it is great to be back for more than a few weeks! I want to share with you things I do with my friends and family here. But also, I am excited to explore Singapore with you as a newcomer, as every year the city evolves and I haven't had the time to check it out. With 6 months in this tropical island-state, I hope that we can accompany each other to discover new friendships and make fond new memories.

Darshan Gowtham – Germany Connector

Darshan - Germany Connector fall 2016

Hey Folks! My name is Darshan, I’m a graduate student in Industrial Engineering at Northeastern University. I’ve been in Bangalore,India for the past 22 years of my life and the last 1 year in Boston has been wonderful. I’m done with my first year of studies and I kick start my second year with a Co-op in Germany. I’m an active member in a number of student groups on campus. I love meeting people and learning from their experiences.

Catalina Uribe – Chicago Connector

Catalina Uribe

Hi!  I'm Catalina.  I was born in Bogota, Colombia, but at the age of 5, I moved out of the country and have since lived in 5 different countries. I'm a junior studying Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Social Entrepreneurship and currently on my second CO-OP at Bluewolf, an IBM company and my previous CO-OP was at General Electric Lighting. I love traveling the world and discovering new things about each city and I'm excited to discover and share Chicago with all of you.

Daphne Apostolidis – London Connector


Hi everyone! My name is Daphne Apostolidis and I am a 4th year Biology major with minors in Business Administration and Health Science. I'm from Athens, Greece (definitely one country you should add to your bucket list) and am currently co-oping at AbbVie in London. For the next four months, I'll be working in AbbVie's Immunology Department, designing new and better ways for more efficient communication between in-field and off-field employees. My hobbies include long-distance running, beach volleyball, skiing, traveling and of course... food. For anyone in London, I look forward to meeting you although chances are we've probably already met!