Fall 2010 Co-op Connectors





Name:Katie Bruno
Hometown: Halifax, MA
Year: 2013
Major: Physical Therapy
Co-op Employer: Franciscan Hospital for Children
Interests/Fun Fact: I enjoy cooking, running, and traveling. And I'm a vegetarian. =)
As a Co-op Connector, I plan to...: help you get the most out of your Co-op experience!


Name: Matt Hamilton
Hometown:Doylestown, PA
Year:  3rd Year
Major:  Business Administration Duel Concentration Marketing and Management
Co-op Employer:Biogen Idec
Interests:  Events and Programming, Dancing, Running, Travel, Soccer, Tennis, photography, Smiling, music (no specific genre)
Fun Facts:
--I've traveled to Greece and Turkey on an EF Tour and it was absolutely amazing! (Let me know if you have been anywhere that you recommend!!)
--My favorite television show from when I was younger was a tie between Power Rangers and Rugrats!
As a Co-op Connector, I plan to...engage and excite those students on co-op and ensure that they still feel a sense of the greater Northeastern Community.


 Name: Scott Seiffer
Hometown: Milford, CT
Year: Senior (2011)
Co-op Employer: Accounting Management Solutions
Interests/Fun Fact:I enjoy playing tennis and photography
As a Co-op Connector, I plan to...help students on co-op stay connected with one another and learn about each other's co-ops.


 Name:Colette Brown
Hometown: Mystic, Connecticut
Year:Middler, Class of 2013
Major:International Business, Concentration: Supply Chain Management, Minor: Spanish
Co-op Employer:Covidien, Position: Logistics Co-op
Interests/Fun fact: I love cooking, traveling, dance, & live music. My current goal is to run a half marathon by next year.
As a Co-op Connector, I plan to...Organize events where co-op students can still connect to campus & meet other students currently on co-op. As well, I would also like to make campus-wide events more publicized to co-op students.


Name:  Alexander Chan
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Year: 2013
Major: Political Science
Co-op Employer: Cetrulo & Capone
Interests/Fun Fact: Traveled to China on a Dialogue of Civilizations after freshmen year a visited Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Xi'an.
 As a Co-op Connector, I plan to... help students stay connected with the Northeastern campus while away on co-op.


Name: Allie Gay
Hometown: Medford, MA
Year: Junior
Major: Criminal Justice
Co-op Employer:Melick, Porter and Shea (law firm)
Interests/Fun Fact:I love sports, especially hockey and basketball but I also enjoy soccer (since I played) and football. I love listening to music, hanging out with friends, and since I'm from around here I know all the great spots for just about everything.
As a Co-op Connector, I plan to...keep co-ops in touch with the community including trying to work out a special pick up for tickets to events, helping plan on campus events such as our opening Co-op Carnival, and just make the co-op experience connected to campus as much as possible. I'd also like to make this a chance to share some of my local secrets, like where to get the best desserts or beaches that are close (via car) but nice. Anything that the co-ops are interested in shoot me an e-mail and I'll do my best to try and make it happen (within reason).


Name: Kimberley Tom
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Year: 2013
Major: International Business
Co-op Employer: Brigham and Women's Hospital
Interests: Any sport and fun event.
As a Co-op Connector, I plan to...keep co-op students informed about events in the Northeastern Community and expand the community through networking and fun events.