International Relocation Resources

Going global for your next co-op?  Below are some useful resources, unaffiliated with Northeastern University, that can make your transition abroad as smooth as possible!


Dealing with Culture Shock

As you travel outside of Boston to your new home-away-from-home, you’re likely to face different elements of culture shock.  Culture shock may include simple issue such as differences in food and dress, or extend to bigger issues like religion and politics.  Before you embark on your journey abroad it is important to learn how you can best cope with these changes.  Below are various articles and websites written by fellow travelers and academics.

As We Travel: Connecting you with the world! - Dealing With Culture Shock While Traveling

Sharing Travel Experiences: How to deal with culture shock

How to Deal With Culture Shock: Office of International Affairs, University of Tennessee

Gadling: Ten Ways to Deal with Culture Shock Dealing With Culture Shock

Money and Traveling Abroad

One of the most important components of your time spent abroad will be your finances! Travel budgets, dining out, debit cards, exchange rates, ATM's, currency converters, currency calculators...the following links and articles can help you on your financial journey!

ATM cards and Foreign Transaction Fee

The Independent ATM's Abroad

Money and Insurance Abroad

Rick Steve's Europe: Money and Travel Tips

University of Michigan, International Center: Travel Finances and Currency Exchange

Safe and Easy Traveling

When traveling abroad, it is important to consider your safety, as well as to prepare for emergencies.  Below are some suggested links that may make your journey a little easier.

NU Travel Registry, on MyNEU - Register before you go!

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel 

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Website

U.S. Department of State: Travel