Frequently Asked Questions

Are you thinking about going Beyond Boston for your next co-op? Co-op Connections is here to assist you with housing, relocation, as well as to keep you connected while you are away!

I would like to go outside of Boston for my next co-op but how will I find housing?

Co-op Connections is your #1 resource for Beyond Boston housingWere are here to provide information regarding Northeastern University Leased Housing, to connect you with co-op students who are currently living in your desired co-op location, to connect you with alumni that live and work in your co-op location, and to provide housing resources to make your search easier.  Click here to view our interactive housing map.

I want to go to New York for my next co-op, does Northeastern have housing in NYC?

Yes. Northeastern University has two leased properties in NYC.  One property is located in midtown Manhattan and the other in Brooklyn Heights.  Co-op Connections supports Northeastern University's Leased Housing in New York City and will provide you with all the information you need to decide whether this housing option is for you. Our staff can also discuss non-Northeastern housing options, and connect you with NYC Alumni in the area to aid your search. Click here to view NYC housing and relocation resources.

How do I go about securing Northeastern Housing in NYC?

There are currently 26 beds available in our New York housing.  There are 16 single rooms available in the New Yorker property in Midtown Manhattan, and 5 double rooms (ten beds) in the Brooklyn Heights location.

All applications and deposits for NU Leased Housing in NYC are handled by the Co-op Connections Director, Sonya Cottam.  Students must either meet with Sonya or attend one of the Beyond Boston Housing Workshops before completing an application.  Please note that space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here to inquire about NU leased housing in NYC.

How will I find roommates and/or meet people headed to my new location?

During the middle of each co-op term, Co-op Connections holds Beyond Boston Housing Workshops that serve as information sessions, as well as a way for you to meet other students headed to your co-op location.  We also host a bi-annual Beyond Boston Bon Voyage, a casual social networking/resource fair, which is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet students and discover basic information about your city.  Finally, Co-op Connections teams up with Alumni Relations to host Welcome Events in many co-op locations.  These casual dinners are a great way to network and make friends!

Will I feel disconnected from Northeastern if I leave Boston for my co-op?

Co-op Connections also serves as a link to campus life while you are away - keeping you informed about any campus news and University developments via newsletters and emails. We also plans events and host programs in most co-op locations, keeping you connected to other co-ops in your area, as well as the Alumni in your city.

Is it possible for me to participate in the event planning process for my co-op city? 

Co-op Connections has created a volunteer program in which student representatives, or "Connectors", act as liaisons between students on co-op and Northeastern University.  Co-op Connectors will work with Co-op Connections staff, as well as their area alumni chapter leaders, to develop and enhance events and programming for co-op students.