Hiring Process

Employing a Northeastern Co-op Student (a.k.a., Student-Employee): 

  1. Identify your needs and objectives
    A  co-op director can advise you about what level of students are available, as well as what specific responsibilities are appropriate for a co-op job and how students can benefit from and add talent to your organization.
  2. Connect with your co-op coordinator (by college)
    Each co-op job is assigned to a co-op coordinator.  The co-op coordinator is your key contact and will help guide the hiring process, for each coordinator works with students in particular majors/concentrations. They will also, if applicable, refer students from other majors/colleges, depending on the skills and requirements of the job.
  3. Review resumes
    Co-op coordinators identify appropriate candidates and forward resumes to you for review. You select the students to interview that best fit the skills for the position and communicate your decision to the coordinator.
  4. Interview candidates
    You may conduct candidate interviews either at your place of employment, by phone or Skype (if unable to meet in person) or on Northeastern’s campus in our state-of-the-art employer lounge and provide office space for conducting interviews.
  5. Hire, train, and oversee student(s)
    You make the final selections/offers and after the student begins their co-op job, you will provide the necessary orientation, expectations and job training that is needed to succeed in the job.
  6. Evaluate the co-op student (s) (student-employee)
    You will complete an online evaluation and exit interview at the end of the assigned co-op period for each student you have managed.

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