Employer in Residence

As an Employer in Residence, you will have an office within Career Development from which you can hold 1 on 1 meetings with students.  This enables you access to a larger student population, and the opportunity to generate additional applications to job postings.

We provide you with a private office which includes a phone and computer for the length of time you are here.  Enjoy a complimentary lunch during your visit too.

Feel free to spend anywhere from a couple hours to a full day with us.  We’re happy to manage your schedule on a first come, first-serve or pre-scheduled basis. Most of our previous and current Employers in Residence also participate in Career Development Drop-In hours (daily from 1:30-3:30, reviewing resumes and cover letters) to reach additional students.

Options to be an Employer in Residence

Recurring Visits

In the Recurring model, you will spend a majority of your time answering student questions about your organization. However, part of this model involves helping students with career-related questions that may not directly relate to your organization; e.g. resume or interview tips. Such conversations differentiate your organization as an employer which cares about helping students.

Time commitments can be tailored to maximize the benefits to students and employers. Your commitment can be anywhere between 2 hours on 1 day for 3 consecutive months to a full day every week of the school year.

Single Visit (WYN-It)

WYN-It stands for On-Campus Recruiting When You Need It.

WYN-It differs from the Recurring model in 3 ways:

  • Single day commitment
  • Conversations with students with a focus on your organization and employment opportunities
  • Email promotion tailored to your organization and target audience

This model has emerged over the past few years as an effective alternative to info sessions. WYN-It is for employers, with full-time jobs posted in NUCareers, which are looking to increase applications quickly.
Although there is no recurring commitment, you have the option to return for additional WYN-It dates in the future.

Virtual Visits

Virtual visits are a great way to connect with students in a meaningful way even if you are not able to make it to campus, or want to connect with Northeastern students who are on co-op, or at one of our graduate campuses. This can be done as recurring visits, or as a single visit.

To participate or learn more about our Employer in Residence program, contact Career Development at recruiting@neu.edu or call 617-373-6548.