College of Arts, Media and Design

Craig Bettinson, Co-op Director
617.373.4261 |

D’Amore-McKim School of Business

Mary Kane, Asst. Dean, Co-op Director
(617) 373-3411 |

College of Computer and Information Science

Karyn Rosen, Asst. Dean, Co-op and Student Services (undergraduate co-op)

Kathi Vander Laan, Co-op Director (graduate co-op)
617-373-4693 |

College of Engineering

Lorraine Mountain, Asst. Dean and Senior Co-op Coordinator (undergraduate and graduate departmental programs)
(617) 373-2966 |

Tristan Johnson, Asst. Dean of Multidisciplinary Graduate Education and Digital Learning (professional master’s programs)
(617) 373-6775

Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Moira Mannix Votel, Co-op Director
(617) 373-3422 |

College of Science

Veronica Porter, Co-op Faculty and Associate Professor
(617) 373-

College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Mary Mello, Asst. Dean Undergraduate Academic Affairs
(617) 373-3469 |

School of Law

Co-op and Professional Development for Employers and Students
(617) 373-3002 

MBA Career Center 

Lynne Sarikas, Director, MBA Career Center
(617) 373-2029 |

College of Professional Studies

Ellen Stoddard, Co-op Director