A Distinctive Approach

Northeastern University’s distinctive approach to integrating rigorous classroom study with real–world experience creates a far more powerful way to learn. Our students enter the workplace with up to 18 months of professional, career-related experience due to their co-op and experiential learning experience. Our graduates draw upon their co-op, global, community service, and research experiences to contribute critical thinking and problem-solving skills that enable them to immediately contribute to the success of your organization.

Benefits of Cooperative Education –  Hear Directly from our Students!

With over 100 years of experience connecting students and employers, Northeastern has developed a system that allows you to bring talented and productive students into your workplace with ease and efficiency.

Hear from eight Northeastern students, who share their coolest co-op experiences, how co-op made an impact on their classroom studies, career choices, as well as their personal growth and self-confidence.

Co-op is a Partnership.  We give you exposure to a talented pool of students to develop a pipeline to potential full-time employees, plus:

  • A cost-effective way to meet human resource needs. Students are paid a wage but do not require company benefits, such as health insurance.
  • Six-month co-op cycles, so that students are able to spend time taking on long-term projects and less time training or shadowing others.
  • The opportunity to create a flexible work environment that provides the co-op student with broad exposure to your business and people in the organization.
  • The enthusiasm, fresh perspective, and energy of talented young adults who are eager and ready to learn and add value.

Contact us to get started! You may also want to review our Co-op Employer Handbook for a quick overview.