Employer New Process FAQs

What new features are now available to me through the NUcareers system?

  • Immediate access to applicants meeting your eligibility criteria regardless of their academic program.
  • Searching and filtering that quickly refines your preferred list of candidates based on credentials, personal attributes, abilities, and experiences.
  • A searchable digital student profile database to help expand your potential candidate pool.
  • A two-week consideration period in order to maximize “best matches” of students and opportunities.
  • An automated offer process that allows you to rank candidates in the system, enter individualized offers to each candidate, and then the system will automatically extend offers to the students with a 48-hour (2 business day) student response timeline. The system will cycle to backup candidates if your first choice does not accept.
  • On-line training and 24/7 access for technical assistance.

When will these new features be available?

  • Everything will be in place for the Fall term recruiting period for co-op opportunities starting in January and later.

What are the new “search and sort” features available to me?

  • We are providing you with new tools to aid in your review of applicants to your open positions AND to the available candidate pool at large.
  • As in the past, you can continue to set initial candidate eligibility requirements based on level (e.g. undergraduate, masters, PhD), GPA, and citizenship (if, in this case, you have clear legal reasons for justifying any restrictions).
  • Candidate credentials are accessible as soon as the applicant expresses interest in your position. There is no more bundling of applicants that delays release for your consideration. Student profiles and application materials are readily available for your review and action on your timeline.
  • Each co-op applicant completes a Student Skill Profile which identifies a number of personal skills, abilities, and experiences that are fully searchable for you. Among these are employment interests, technical and clinical skills, and extracurricular activities.  Students can also indicate whether they are veterans, varsity athletes, honor society members and so forth.
  • You can search and choose from various pulldown menus to focus on specific areas of interest to you to hone down your list of candidates. You can also sort your list (by college or program, for example) to further refine your efforts.
  • You can use the exact same search and sort features to review the available pool of co-op candidates whether they have applied to your openings or not. Students have the choice of opting into this digital co-op candidate database in order to raise their visibility among prospective employers.  If you feel you are not getting the kind of candidates you want, you can search this database and reach out directly to students you might be interested in attracting.

How does the automated offer process work?

  • The automated offer tool is available to all employers. Its use, while encouraged, remains optional.
  • Once you have completed your recruiting activities and have identified the candidate(s) for each of your open jobs, you can access the tool through the NUCareers
  • Once there, you close your open job posting, choose and tag those students to whom you wish to extend an offer from your applicant list. You can then rank order your candidates, as you wish, so that the system will continue to extend offers if your first-choice candidate declines. If you do not wish to extend more than one offer, you simply do not rank additional candidates.
  • You can enter your offer letter to each individual directly into the system, or cut and paste from other documents any pertinent offer details and information. You can set different wage amounts for each candidate you have ranked.
  • If you are extending offers before October 15th, your offers will go out immediately, once you have entered them into the system and students are expected to respond within 48 hours.
  • If you are taking advantage of the consideration period, the system will release your offers (and all other companies’ offers) to candidates beginning the morning of October 29th.
  • If you choose to recruit (or continue recruiting) after October 29th, your offer(s) will go out immediately once you have entered them into the system.
  • An email notification alerts you that your job has been filled and prompts you to go into the system for additional information.
  • In the event your co-op position was not filled after the automated offer process, please contact your Co-op Coordinator and we will repost the job for you.

What is this consideration period?

  • We have implemented a two-week consideration period during which no co-op offers are made in order to help both students and employers achieve a “best match” outcome.
  • That consideration period runs from Monday October, 15 to Sunday October 28, 2018, culminating in offers being made simultaneously through the automated offer process on Monday, October 29, 2018, with the 48-hour student response requirement.
  • The impetus behind this is to enable a common window for both students and employers to consider the maximum number of opportunities without the pressure of employers “losing” students to other jobs, and students “losing” a better opportunity because of pressure to decide on a current opportunity.
  • Companies who typically complete their recruitment before October 15th, can of course extend offers in advance of October 15.
  • All employers can extend offers again beginning Monday, October 29 and on an ongoing basis thereafter.

Has the recruiting timeline changed?

  • We have removed most of the timing restrictions from our process, e.g. elimination of the resume release date most often mid-October .
  • Students will have access to jobs as soon as they are posted.
  • First time co-op students can apply as soon as their resume is approved by a co-op coordinator (typically by middle to late September).
  • Candidate credentials are accessible as soon as the applicant expresses interest in your position. There is no more delayed bundling of applicants that are in turn released for your consideration.
  • You may interview applicants whenever you are ready.
  • You may post positions, interview or engage in other recruiting activities before, during, and after the two-week consideration period (see above) during which no co-op offers are made.
  • We will naturally continue to support your recruiting efforts as we always have by providing guidance and advice about the specific nature and timing of your activities to achieve your desired outcomes.

How can my Co-op Coordinator be of most help to me in this new process?

  • Your Co-op Coordinator will continue to provide important insights about the best recruiting strategies, timelines, and activities along with information about the university’s academic programs and general co-op candidate pool. That person will also help you navigate the new system features and assist, as needed and appropriate, in your sourcing efforts.
  • We have also added 24/7 Northeastern University Help Desk support – available by phone at 373.4357 or at help@northeastern.edu – to assist you with any technical or access concerns.

Download a PDF of the Employer FAQs