Maria Stein

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Department of Cooperative Education and Career Development.  Cooperative Education (Co-op) began at Northeastern over 100 years ago and remains a powerful learning model that integrates classroom learning with
real-world experiences. Princeton Review has ranked us #1 or #2 for six consecutive years for delivering premier services to our students, employers, and alumni. Co-op is not about getting a job, but rather it is an approach to intellectual and professional growth and career success that demands continual learning and integration.  When they leave Northeastern, our students are prepared to apply both knowledge and skills to unfamiliar tasks and activities in new, authentic contexts and continue to learn in a work-based environment.  Our model produces graduates who are critical thinkers, globally aware, confident, self-directed learners experienced in multiple organizations.  They are young professionals fully prepared to engage in, contribute to and eventually become leaders in the global workforce.

For our employer partners, our Co-op Program is a cost effective strategy for workforce development both domestically and abroad. Co-op is different from internships – our students alternate classroom studies with full-time work in
career-related jobs for six months.  This allows employers to get real work done while evaluating talent before making any long-term commitments. Our employer relations team is dedicated to collaborating with employers to develop innovative and meaningful programs to engage our talented students. We deliver an individualized approach to building and maintaining partnerships that contribute to the employers’ success and ours. Our various recruitment options provide employers with cost-effective approaches to hiring, training, evaluating and
onboarding talent.

Whether you’re a student, parent, employer or alumni, I encourage you to explore our site. Grow, adapt, and thrive are themes you’ll notice as you navigate the site and learn more about our programs and services.  These are not just words on a screen, but the backbone of our educational philosophy. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our distinctive education approach.  We look forward to working with you and helping you realize your goals.

Maria K. Stein
Associate Vice President
Cooperative Education and Career Development