Obtaining a Parking Permit

Please make sure that you read and understand all the rules and regulations before applying for a parking permit.

• Permits are non-refundable/non exchangeable.

• Permits are transferable to any vehicle operated by registrant. When you apply for parking please list all vehicles that you might drive to campus, including motorcycles.  If you are driving your motorcycle please note that there is a specific location in the basement of Columbus Garage to park.

• Prior to the start of each academic year or semester/quarter, faculty, staff and students can apply for a parking permit via myNEU. Please refer to the permit cost/schedule for details on when permits will be available for purchase. You will need your 9 digit NU ID NUMBER in order to apply for parking.  You can find your NU ID number on your myNEU account.  For all non-benefits eligible employees, contractors, vendors, outside organizations, visiting scholars, and research assistants who do NOT have a 9 digit NU ID NUMBER, the Husky Card Authorization Form needs to be completed. You must have a 9 digit NU ID Number before you can complete the parking application.  Any questions regarding the issuance of the NU ID Number or the above form should be referred to Husky Card Services, 4 Speare Commons (building 16 on the campus map), 617-373-8740.

Faculty and Staff
Faculty and staff may purchase a parking permit each semester, or annually via myNortheastern under the Services and Links tab. However, the cost of a semester permit(s) cannot be applied toward the purchase of an annual permit if purchased later in the year.

Full-time benefits eligible employees are required to pay through pre-tax payroll deductions. Parking fees for employees or outside vendors/contractors/volunteers cannot be charged to a University budget center.

Full-time Day Undergraduate, Graduate and Law students can purchase a parking permit on a semester/quarter basis via myNortheastern under the Services and Links tab. Part-time evening College of Professional Studies and Lowell Institute students can purchase an annual permit, which is valid for the current academic year via myNortheastern. The cost of the annual part-time Evening Student permit cannot be applied to the purchase of a day student semester permit if purchased later in the year.

Student parking fees will be assessed to the student’s tuition account.

Non-benefits eligible employees, contractors, vendors, alumni, visiting scholars, and research assistants.  You may apply for a permit by visiting the following website, https://prod-web.neu.edu/webapp6/nuparking/Signup.do   Do NOT use this link if you are a student, faculty or staff member.  See instructions above.  NOTE: You will need a 9 digit NU ID NUMBER and an Northeastern University Husky Card in order to apply for parking. A Payment is required upon purchase of the parking pass.  Please continue with the transaction until payment is made electronically. Acceptable methods of payment include: Electronic Check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express. In addition, a letter on Northeastern University letterhead, from the department for which you are working, may be required in order to release your permit.

Motorcycle parking 
When you apply for your regular parking permit you may register your motorcycle vehicle information.  Motorcycle parking is located in the basement of the Columbus garage. Motorcycles are NOT allowed to park in any other lot or garage on campus.

In order to park in an accessible space, individuals must purchase a faculty/staff or student parking permit and display a state issued accessible (disabled/HP)license plate, placard, or hangtag.  If utilizing a state issued placard or hangtag, it should be placed on the driver’s side dashboard while the University permit is affixed to rear view mirror.  There is no special accessible hangtag. Accessible (disabled/HP) parking spaces are located throughout the campus and are available on a first-come first-serve basis. A list of the facilities with accessible parking spaces is located at the bottom of this page.

• If you are temporarily disabled, a letter from your doctor must be presented to Student Financial Services. The letter should indicate the nature of your disability and the anticipated duration.

• A temporary accessible permit for non-permit holders may be purchased by employees and students for a fee equivalent to the temporary parking rate. If a department wishes to cover the cost of the accessible permit for a visitor to campus, they can purchase the permit at Student Financial Services using a Journal Voucher. The visitor’s vehicle must display a state issued accessible (disabled/HP) license plate, placard, or hangtag.

• Accessible parking spaces are located in the following facilities: Columbus Garage – Renaissance Garage (after 5:00pm for NU permit holders) – Gainsborough Garage – West Village Garage – Hurtig Parking Lot – Arena Parking Lot – North Parking Lot – In addition to the above lots and garages, there are accessible parking spaces next to the Forsyth Building, and behind Shillman Hall.

• Special Authorization
Special authorization and permits are required for loading zone and preferred parking.

Use of Parking Permits

• All vehicles being used by faculty, staff or students must display a valid parking permit in order to park on University property. Vehicles must be parked in appropriately designated areas. Parking permits are intended for the use of current University faculty/staff and students. Faculty, staff and students are only entitled to one permit. Parking permits are assigned to an individual and are not transferable to another party. Faculty/Staff permits are intended for use by the employee not their spouse or dependent. All permits remain the property of Northeastern University. Permits become invalid upon graduation, withdrawal or termination of employment.

• All parking permits are a transferable type hangtag. Transferable permits are for the convenience of faculty, staff and students who regularly use more than one vehicle to commute to campus. These transferable permits are intended for the registrant’s use only and are not for use on a vehicle not occupied by the registrant. Parking permits must be displayed on the registrant’s vehicle at all times regardless of the facility where the vehicle is parked.  Inappropriate use may result in the confiscation of the permit and the loss of parking privileges or other sanctions.

• Parking permits must be properly affixed to the rearview mirror.  The permit must be visible from outside the vehicle but should not obstruct the driver’s line of sight. Permits, which are not properly affixed, are invalid. Improperly registered vehicles are subject to being ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

Individuals with mobility impairments who require an alternative to picking up their parking permits at Student Financial Services may make arrangements by e-mailing: parking@neu.edu or calling 617-373-7010

The University does not assume responsibility or liability for any lost property or damage associated with a vehicle being towed.

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