Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply for a parking permit?
Students, faculty, and staff may apply for parking via their myNortheastern account. Within 24 hours of completing the application process you will receive a confirmation email indicating your permit is available for pick up in 354 Richards Hall. For additional details please visit Obtaining your Parking Permit.

2. How much does a parking permit cost?
Parking permit costs vary by type of permit. For detail information please visit Parking Fees.

3. Where can I park if I have a permit?
There are several locations on campus. For a detailed list of locations and hours please visit Where to Park on Campus.

4. Where can I park if I do not have a permit?
Visitors to the University are expected to park in the Renaissance Park Garage or the Gainsborough Garage. For hours of operation please visit Where to Park on Campus. For rates at these locations please visit Parking Fees.

5. Are there special parking permits for motorcycles?
There is no special permit for motorcycles.  When you apply for a parking permit you may register your motorcycle as your primary or secondary vehicle.  The designated area for motorcycle parking is located in the basement of the Columbus garage. Motorcycles are not allowed to park in any other lot or garage on campus.

6. How can I cancel/return my parking permit?
Permits are non-refundable/non exchangeable.

7. I have a medical condition and need to park in the handicap areas. Do I need a special parking decal?
In order to park in a accessible space, individuals must purchase a faculty/staff or student parking permit and display a state issued accessible ( disabled/HP) license plate, placard, or hangtag.There is no special accessible hangtag.

If you are temporarily disabled, a letter from your doctor must be presented to Student Financial Services. Upon approval a temporary handicap hang tag will be issued. There is a daily cost if you do not have a current parking permit. Please visit Obtaining a Parking Permit for more details.

8. I need to drive to campus for a few days, how can I park my vehicle.
Students, faculty or staff may purchase parking coupons. Each coupon is valid for 24 hours including overnight parking in the Renaissance Park or Gainsborough garage. Please visit Parking Fees for details on costs.

9. Our department is organizing an event and would like to pay for parking for our guests.  How can we arrange this?
Departments can purchase parking coupons with a Journal Voucher. Please email with your intent to purchase, and attach a JV. You can then pick up the coupons at Student Financial Serivces, 354 Richards Hall, between the hours of 8:30am until 5:00pm, as soon as you are notified that the process has been completed. Please specify the reason for the request as we may be able to provide other parking options. Each coupon is valid for 24 hours including overnight parking in the Renaissance Park or Gainsborough garage. The coupons can be used at Gainsborough Garage or Renaissance Park Garage. Please visit Parking Fees for details on costs

10. I lost my parking permit how can I replace it?
Visit here for details on replacing your lost or stolen permit.

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