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Alysé Bigger

MPF Program Manager

Program Manager, Massachusetts Promise Fellowship
617-373-5606 | 
232 Hastings Hall

Alysé joined the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship staff team in October 2017. She is an alumna of Bates College where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, and of Tufts University where she received her Certificate in Non-Profit Management and Leadership via the Institute for Nonprofit Practice.

Over the past 9 years, Alysé has worked with small and national non-profit organizations in direct service and administration roles. Her personal and professional work has focused on supporting access to great schools and programs that provide equitable educational outcomes for young people, and leading organizational efforts with a goal of developing socially responsible non-profit leaders. She is a member of Boston Public Schools Code of Conduct Advisory Council, a facilitator with the YWCA of Greater Boston, and a proud AmeriCorps alum.


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