Northeastern University: Center of Community Services

Course Development

Interested in building a community‐based experience into your course? Explore the ways you can develop a customized experience with our Service‐Learning Menu for faculty!
Please contact Becca …

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S-L Course Experiential Criteria

The Rationale for Service-Learning (S-L) as Integrating Knowledge and Skills through Experience

To ensure the service and learning components of a course meet the recognized best …

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Implementing Service-Learning

Service-Learning Faculty Resources Website
Explore more resources related to preparing students for service, working with your S-LTA, working with your community partner, and more on our …

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Service-Learning Fellows Program

Co-facilitated by the Service-Learning Program and the Teaching & Learning Group at Northeastern, the Service-Learning Fellows Program is a 1.5 year long program which leads …

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Training for Faculty

Our team is proud to be able to support faculty members both new and experienced with service-learning and community engagement.
Self-Guided Faculty Onboarding Module
The self-guided onboarding …

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