Northeastern University: Center of Community Services


Current students, please see our FAQ section here.

Q: What does CEP stand for?

A: CEP stands for the Civic Engagement Program and is a program for students with various Northeastern-funded scholarships who participate in a mandatory program which requires students to complete 100 hours of service and civic engagement activities annually.

Q: Which students are required to participate?

A. See our About Us page for a list of participating scholarships.

Q: I am a second-year student who gets good grades and gives back to my community. Can I join CEP?

A. Unfortunately, no. CEP participation is determined by scholarships that are awarded during the Admissions process. CEP does not give scholarships; rather, CEP manages the civic engagement requirement of awarded scholarships.

Q. I am not a CEP student, but I am interested in volunteering. How can I get involved?

A. The Center of Community Service, in addition to managing CEP, runs a wide variety of programs that are open to all students. Learn more about our programs here.