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NU|ACES Student Spotlight: Celine Yan

By ACES Ambassador Grace Wang

first year student in northeastern university center of community service headshot
Northeastern ACES student Celine Yan

Celine Yan is a 1st year Computer Science and Design major from Brooklyn, New York. In high school back in New York City, she was actively involved in serving her community, and those experiences pushed her to decide to join NU|ACES. “Most of my extracurriculars included working very closely with the Asian American community in Chinatown, so I learned so much more about the people there and of my own passions,” she said. “With a background in volunteering for over 800 hours in the past four years, I wanted to continue serving new communities wherever I go after my high school career, so joining NU|ACES was a perfect way for me to not only help out local partners, but also learn more about the new surroundings of the Greater Boston area”.

To Celine, community service is more than just an isolated task. She uses examples of handing out water cups at a marathon and proctoring an exam for students to make her point. “In the case of handing out water cups at a race event, volunteers are ensuring that specific points of the race can supply water to the running participants. In the second example of monitoring students, volunteers are helping to make sure that the students who take the test get the most they can out of the material,” she said. “All of the perspectives, from the volunteer himself or herself to the organization, form a cycle that ultimately benefits the community as a whole”.

Besides volunteering, Celine enjoys attending tech events and hackathons, photography, and playing badminton in her free time. She also served as the Editor in Chief for her high school yearbook committee and hopes to continue her passion of sharing stories in college. “I am currently working on getting a club up and running here at Northeastern, called Mogul, [which will be] a club that supports the worldwide platform’s mission of creating dialogue and female empowerment,” she said. She is also interested in sharing her own stories through talks about community service, women in tech, the importance of internships and engagement, and Asian American social justice.

As a freshman just starting her path at Northeastern, Celine is excited to see what this school year holds. “I am mostly looking forward to building my own academic path here in Northeastern, while having the freedom to explore new interests and travel around the city,” she said. “I am really excited for the classes I have now, and even more so for my future design courses.”

Favorite Food: Pho

Favorite Movie: Spirited Away

What makes her smile: Seeing people do great things!

If you were an animal, what would you be: Shiba Inu