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NU|ACES Student and Leadership Spotlight: Kaitlin Toal

By ACES Ambassador Grace Wang

NU|ACES First-Year Participant, 2017 – 2018

ACES Ambassador, Spring 2018

Kaitlin Toal is a first year Health Science major originally from Malvern, Pennsylvania. After enjoying her ACES experience in the fall, Kaitlin decided to apply for an ACES Ambassador position to become more involved. “I feel like I have more of a voice in the group now, and it’s really cool that I was able to apply for a position like this as a freshman,” she said.

For this semester, Kaitlin is excited to build relationships with service organizations around Boston and explore the city. She also has the goal of hosting at least one ACES event and hopes to end freshman year strong academically. Besides service, Kaitlin is passionate about music, traveling, and food.

When asked what civic engagement means to her, she said, “To me, it means making strong connections with your community and working with those around you towards a common goal of positive change.”


Hobbies: Playing soccer, playing piano, cooking, reading

Favorite Food: Reese’s cups

Favorite TV show: Modern Family

Favorite Movie: Stepbrothers

Favorite place on campus: The pond area outside of curry

What makes you smile: All food!