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NU|ACES Leadership Spotlight: Suhasini Neelam Satish

By ACES Ambassador Grace Wang

NU|ACES Peer Leader, 2017 – 2018

Suhasini Neelam Satish is a fifth year Behavioral Neuroscience major from Edison, New Jersey. A previous Civic Engagement Program (CEP) Peer Mentor for two years, Suhasini hoped to continue her leadership journey as a NU|ACES Peer Leader. “I enjoyed teaching other students the importance of civic engagement and learning more about local Boston history myself,” she said. “It also helped me develop my public speaking and leadership skills, so I decided to serve as a NU|ACES Peer Mentor for my senior year”.

Suhasini is looking forward to the school year ahead of her. She is passionate about her major with a love of learning about new medical science breakthroughs and the complexity of the human brain. She is also excited about guiding her ACES students. “I hope to make my students understand the importance of their service and just how much impact they have on the community” she said.

To Suhasini, civic engagement is multifaceted. “It means engaging with the community — becoming involved, learning about the issues facing the community, and helping resolve those issues in any way you can”.

Favorite food: Thai food
Favorite place on campus: Rebecca’s or the dining halls
What makes you smile? Puppies and babies