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NU|ACES Leadership Spotlight: Kay Yamamoto

By ACES Ambassador Grace Wang

NU|ACES Ambassador, Fall 2017

Kay Yamamoto is a 5th year pharmacy major who grew up in Norwood, New Jersey. Prior to joining the NU|ACES leadership team as an Ambassador, she was part of the Civic Engagement Program (CEP) leadership committee. “I had a great time doing that so when NU|ACES started, I definitely wanted to jump on board!” she said. “It’s really fun planning events and seeing them come to fruition”.

Being in CEP since her freshman year, Kay has volunteered with numerous organizations and has come to see community service and civic engagement as a vital part of her Northeastern experience. “Civic engagement for me is serving populations who lack something, whether it be resources, a voice, or support,” she said. “Being civically engaged has helped me understand the lives of others, and having that empathy has been so wonderful in helping me grow as a health care professional and as a person in general.”

Although Kay is a pharmacy major, her passions lie in art history, which she studies in her free time. “It is so interesting to understand how a visual language can shape society, and visa-versa, how societal issues have created huge movements in art,” she said. “My favorite art genres are contemporary art, especially feminist art and Japanese contemporary”. Kay also loves photography and painting.

Despite being close to graduating from Northeastern, Kay is still actively becoming more involved in organizations on campus. Her busy schedule of studying, working part-time at Cambridge Health Alliance, and volunteering doesn’t stop her from meeting up with friends, watching football, and traveling. In response to what she looks forward to this school year, Kay said, “ I am very excited to be finishing up classes finally!”


Favorite Foods: Pizza, squid-ink pasta, and udon

Favorite TV shows: Veronica Mars and Psych

Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice

Favorite place on campus: That area by the law quad with the huge clock sculpture

What makes her smile: Mostly everything, but a clever joke or a Patriots/Packers win will get me cheesin’.