Northeastern University: Center of Community Services

Service-Learning Team Manager Program

The Service-Learning Team Manager (S-LTM) program is designed to offer an advanced leadership opportunity to previous S-LTAs while allowing us to scale the S-LTA program effectively. S-LTMs manage a cohort of 3-8 peer S-LTAs and act as their primary advisor and mentor. As an extension of the S-L staff, S-LTMs are able to act as a liaison between S-LTAs and S-L staff, facilitate trainings, and be an advocate for Service-Learning at Northeastern.

In addition to being an S-LTA, S-LTMs commit to the following responsibilities:

  • Complete training before the semester starts
  • Specialized training and support from S-L staff throughout the semester
  • Attend and participate in bi-weekly meeting with S-L staff
  • Fulfill mid-semester and final check-in with S-L staff
  • Manage a cohort of 3-8 S-LTAs
    • Facilitate weekly meetings with their group of S-LTAs (during off-weeks of full group meetings)
    • Address issues that arise for S-LTAs with their students/partners
    • Act as a liaison between their group of S-LTAs and S-L staff


  • Must be a returning S-LTA
  • Must be an S-LTA concurrent to this position
  • Must attend S-LTM training with other students to participate in the program

Team Managers are selected each semester by the Director and Assistant Director of Service-Learning. We give consideration to all returning S-L student leaders each semester and invite those who have demonstrated their potential for an advanced leadership position, represent diverse academic areas, and have demonstrated a deep understanding of the philosophies and principles of service-learning and community engagement.