Northeastern University: Center of Community Services

Service-Learning Street Team

The Service-Learning Street Team is the newest student leadership opportunity in the S-L Program. This team of trailblazers focuses on two primary areas, (1) accompanying S-L students to their orientation or first day of service while providing an asset-based perspective of our communities, and (2) extending the marketing and outreach capacity of the S-L Program both on campus, in the community, and through social media.

Applications for Spring 2019 are now being accepted through Wednesday, November 7th!

Service-Learning Street Team Job Description

Street Team members can expect to spend 3-7 hours per week on the following responsibilities, and additional tasks as they arise:

  1. Training & Center of Community Service Support
    • Complete Street Team training before semester starts (online)
    • Attend weekly S-L student leader meetings on Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm
    • Collaborate with other S-L program members as needed
  2. Community Tours & Orientations
    • Introduce S-L students to the communities with which they will be serving by leading small and large groups of S-L students to their community partner orientations
    • Facilitate community tours using an asset-based community development perspective
  3. Marketing & Outreach
    • Assist with marketing of Service-Learning Program events – e.g. Service-Learning EXPO
    • Create original marketing and outreach materials for the newsletter, social media, and the S-LOG
    • Attend campus events where the Service-Learning Program has a presence – e.g. volunteer fairs
      Generate innovative ways to engage the Service-Learning Program in campus and community spaces where there is not a current relationship or partnership


  • Previous service-learning and/or substantial service experience in Boston required
  • Able to work collaboratively with peers
  • Strong communication skills – verbal and written
  • Enthusiasm for Service-Learning
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Must be at least 2nd-semester student


Students are able to be compensated through one of the following:

  • $500 stipend
  • work-study (if eligible)
  • volunteer (including CEP hours)

Application Process

Applications for Spring 2019 are due on Monday, November 5th.

  1. Read through the Street Team responsibilities and expectations.
  2. Submit an online application and upload your resume here.
  3. If these materials indicate a good fit, candidates will be contacted for a group or phone interview with our team.