Northeastern University: Center of Community Services

Welcome Week

NU|ACES Welcome Week is an intensive team-based adventure where participants learn about their new campus and neighborhood through service. The week will serve as the introduction …

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The Northeastern University Alliance of Civically Engaged Students or NU|ACES is an opportunity to engage deeply and meaningfully in the greater Boston community. First-year students …

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Year-Long Commitment

After Welcome Week, NU|ACES will commit to a year-long service commitment with a local non-profit organization. Students will respond to an identified community need by …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ACES stand for?

NU|ACES stands for the Northeastern University Alliance of Civically Engaged Students. Launched in the fall of 2017, ACES is a …

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Apply for NU|ACES

The NU|ACES application for incoming first-year students is now closed for 2018-19.
Please check back for updates about NU|ACES throughout the school year.

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Upperclass ACES and Civic Logs

ACES participants planning to continue past freshman year are asked to complete a Recommitment Form each year to confirm their intent to remain connected to the …

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Leadership Opportunities

ACES Welcome Week Team Leaders
Week-long Commitment
NU|ACES Welcome Week offers around 80 incoming first-year students an opportunity to explore their new community through service. Students learn …

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