Northeastern University: Center of Community Services

Husky Volunteer Team

The Husky Volunteer Team (HVT) program provides meaningful and consistent service to the communities surrounding Northeastern University. HVT matches groups of 3-10 students with a community partner for a full semester.  Each team covers one recurring shift at the same time each week, and community partners are welcome to host more than one team per semester. Husky Volunteer Team is the perfect way for your organization to receive weekly service from committed students in semester-long periods. You decide which day(s) and time(s) you’d like volunteers and the number of volunteers for each shift, and we send you a team! We welcome all interested organizations to register to host a team, but note that the distribution of teams is also dependent on volunteers’ interest and availability. We do our best to send HVTs wherever we can, but cannot always guarantee a team.

Community Partners: Register to host a team for the Spring 2018 semester! The application is now open! Click here!

Huskies: hang tight! Volunteer registration will begin in January.