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To request tickets for an Northeastern University athletic event, please download and print out the form below and submit it to the Northeastern Athletics Deptartment

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Our Staff

John Tobin
Vice President
(617) 373-5810
David Isberg
Assistant Vice President
(617) 373-8265
Michael FitzGerald
Special Events and Space Manager
(617) 373-3680
Nathan Simms
Community Outreach Coordinator
(617) 373–7008
Daniel Daley
BPD/Fenway Liaison
(617) 373–5431
Leigh Pierson
Assistant to the Vice President
(617) 373-3168
Derek Lumpkins
Director of Marketing and Community Outreach
(617) 373-2533
Marisa Luse
Campus Engagement and Collaboration Manager
(617) 373-8012
Johanna Forero Silva
Community Engagement Manager
(617) 373-6878
Joseph Regan
Administrative Assistant

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