Apply to Graduate

How do I apply for graduation?

1. Curriculum Review:
Before you Apply to Graduate through your myNortheastern account we recommend you take the time to review your current program information, i.e. degree, major, minor and concentration. To review this information log in to your myNortheastern account; under the Self-Service tab click Student Self-Service. From the Student Menu, click Student Records, then choose View Student Information; choose your term and click submit. Your expected graduation date and curriculum information will be noted on this page.
2. Apply to Graduate:
log in to http://my.northeastern.edu. Using the Self-Service tab you will find the Degree Enrollment & Graduation box located at the bottom left corner of the screen. Choose the Apply to Graduate option, complete the application provided.

What if I receive an error message when I click on the Apply to Graduate link on myNortheastern?

This is most likely because your expected graduation date is not listed for the current year you are applying in or you are applying after the deadline. You will need to contact your academic advisor to have your Pattern of Attendance changed to update your expected graduation date.

What if I don’t apply?

Failure to complete the Graduation Application form will impact the printing of your diploma, your participation in the ceremony; your ability to receive ceremony guest tickets; your information being included in the printed ceremony program, and other deadline driven components of the process.

What if my degree information is incorrectly noted on my Graduation Application?

Do not complete the application form. Contact your advisor or the dean’s office of your college/school and request that a “Curriculum and/or Conferral Date Change for a Graduate Candidate” form be completed on your behalf. Check periodically for the correction to your application and then complete the form as directed.

What if I entered the wrong information on my Graduation Application?

Any error made in inputting mailing address, gown size, ceremony attendance, etc should be emailed to commencement@northeastern.edu along with your NUID number. A staff member will update those changes for you. These changes must be requested at least 6 weeks prior to the ceremony.


Will my major be printed on my diploma?

The major will be printed on diplomas for non-specified degrees (Associate in Science, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Professional Studies, Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study, Doctor of Philosophy) only. Minors and concentrations are not printed on any diplomas.

I recently changed my legal name and I want it to be printed on my diploma. How can I update it on the Graduation Application?

You must complete the Commencement Name Change form and return it with the applicable documentation. Your request must be processed by the Registrar’s Office no less than 6 weeks prior to the ceremony to ensure that your diploma will be printed correctly. If you submit it after the 6 week period there will be a fee of $50 to reprint a new diploma.

When will I receive my diploma?

Providing all academic and financial obligations are met:

MARCH CPS graduates: within 6 weeks following the ceremony date.
MAY undergraduates: diplomas not distributed at the ceremony will be mailed within 6 weeks following the award date.
MAY graduate level students: diplomas will be mailed within 6 weeks following the award date.
DECEMBER, JUNE, AUGUST and SEPTEMBER graduates: Diplomas not distributed at a ceremony will be mailed 6-8 weeks following the award date.

Ceremony Information

What is the difference between my ceremony date and graduation date?

The graduation date is the official date that students graduate from Northeastern University.  This date is the term completion date when students have completed all of your credits for your degree.  Click here to view these dates.

The ceremony date is the date that students are eligible to attend a ceremony and walk/march. This is an event date where family and friends can gather to celebrate students’ accomplishments.  Click here to view these dates.

Please note that these two dates may not fall on the same date.  If you have any questions about either of these dates you can email us or you can reach out to your academic advisor.

Am I able to participate in other degree/level ceremonies?

No, you are only eligible to participate in the ceremony that applies to your level and date of completion requirements.

How long will the ceremony last?

Times noted are an approximation.
UNDERGRADUATE LEVEL CEREMONY: approximately 2.5 hours
GRADUATE LEVEL CEREMONIES: Please refer to this link.
LAW SCHOOL CEREMONY: approximately 2 hours
COLLEGE OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES GRADUATION CEREMONIES: Refer to the College of Professional Studies website for all information pertaining to the ceremony.

Who do I contact if I have special needs (i.e. mobility, hearing, other) should I choose to participate in the ceremony?

Please email all details to commencement@northeastern.edu and a representative from the Registrar’s Office and/or Commencement Office will contact you with further details.

How will I receive information regarding my ceremony?

As needed, the Office of the Registrar and the Commencement Office will contact you through your husky email account regarding registration information, important reminders and upcoming deadlines. We advise that you read all correspondence in its entirety and reply accordingly.

All related ceremony information is noted on the Commencement website. Please review it periodically for new and updated information.

Please note that ceremony dates may change year to year.

What do I do if I need an invitation letter from the University so that my family outside of the U.S. may join me at my graduation ceremony?

The University does not provide letters to graduates as a means for their guests to apply for a visa from their country to attend a graduation ceremony. The Office of Global Services recommends using copies of the following documents instead:
• Graduation Application
Enrollment Verification Letter
• E-mail(s) directed to the graduate with ceremony information
Letter of Invitation Information
For further information please contact the Office of Global Services at 617-373-2310 or ogs@northeastern.edu.

What is the dress code?

There is no formal dress code, however business casual is recommended. Graduates should wear appropriate clothing and comfortable footwear.


Are there any deadlines I should be aware of?

APPLICATION DEADLINES: Please refer to the Term Completion dates for dates applicable to completion of your degree.
Apply early to ensure that you receive emails regarding up to date information.

PRINTED PROGRAM DEADLINES: Information applicable to your degree or diploma name, not submitted via the application form by the deadline noted below will not be included in the printed program. Honors designation, if applicable, will be based on your current status as of this date.

Are there other important obligations I should be aware of before I graduate?

All financial obligations to the University must be met prior to the release of your diploma. Your current balance, including any balance owed on a payment plan, needs to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the awarding of your degree. If your financial obligation is not met until after the awarding of your degree, please contact student accounts to send us clearance to release your diploma.

If you are a federal loan recipient, you are required to complete exit counseling prior to leaving the university. All Federal Stafford loan borrowers must complete on-line exit counseling through www.studentloans.gov. Questions concerning this requirement should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Services. If you have received a Federal Perkins, Health Professions, Nursing, Physician Assistant and/or other institutional student loans, you must complete separate exit counseling paperwork through the Student Loan Collections office (315 Richards Hall – 617.373.2160). There are informational loan sessions which will provide you with important documents. You will be contacted at a later date with further details for completing this process. Regardless of your intention to participate in the commencement ceremony, access to your diploma will be blocked until your completed Exit paperwork is on file.

Accessible Seating and Parking

Is parking available?

For parking information at TD Garden please visit TD Garden Parking Info & Rates. Parking fees will apply.

IMPORTANT: Parking availability in the TD Garden area is VERY limited. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT IF POSSIBLE, YOU USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION OR COMMUTER RAIL SERVICE to travel to the TD Garden. Please visit the MBTA website for schedules and detailed information.

Parking will be open, per availability in the Columbus Parking Garage and by showing a valid parking pass (will be provided to students at a later date). Parking may also be available in the Renaissance Garage, regular rates apply. These parking areas are a considerable walk from Matthews Arena.

Information is available on the College of Professional Studies website.

Do you provide special seating or services for my guest if he/she has mobility issues?

Every effort has been made to comply with ADA accessibility guidelines to accommodate patrons with disabilities in all ceremony venues: TD Garden, Matthews Arena and Cabot Center. Limited space is available and event staff will direct you accordingly. It is advisable that you provide a wheelchair for your guest if he/she has any mobility issues due to health, age, other.

Is there handicapped parking available at my ceremony?

Handicap parking is available at TD Garden and at Columbus Parking Garage on campus.  A valid HP sticker or hang tag is needed for handicapped parking and these spaces are available on a limited basis. Parking facilities may not be located in the near vicinity of the event location. It is advisable that you provide a wheelchair for your guest if he/she has any mobility issues due and/or drop off your guest with an escort prior to parking.


How many guest tickets am I allowed?

The number of guest tickets are provided on the specific event pages.  This allows entrance for guest tickets excluding the student.  Students will receive their own ticket for gown pick up and entrance.

Please find the ceremony you wish to attend to view the amount of guest tickets that are available: https://www.northeastern.edu/commencement/ceremonies/

Where do I get my guest tickets?

Guest tickets will be accessible through the myNortheastern student portal. Access to tickets will be available at a later date.

Do children need a ticket?

Children under 2 are allowed to sit on laps, children 3 and older will need their own ticket.

Are extra tickets available?

We currently do not anticipate that extra tickets will be available. Due to the consistent high attendance rate of both graduates and guests, the limit is set to accommodate all graduates fairly and to ensure that we do not exceed the venue capacity. If graduates are in need of additional tickets, the Commencement Office suggests reaching out to classmates and friends who have additional tickets that will not be used. Please note that ticket allocation is based upon the number of students expected to participate in the ceremony, and capacity of the venue. We recognize that your graduation from Northeastern University is a major milestone in your life. We wish that we could issue an unlimited amount of tickets for your loved ones, but we must accommodate an equal number of guest tickets for all of our students.

Cap and Gown

Do I need to pay for my cap and gown?

No, academic regalia (cap, tassel, gown and hood if applicable), is provided at no cost to you and may be kept as a memento of the occasion.

Where do I get my cap and gown?

Students will receive more information about cap and gown pick up closer to the ceremony date.

Can you mail my cap and gown?

No, caps and gowns will not be mailed. If you are unable to pick up your cap and gown during the allotted times and dates you may designate a friend to pick it up for you.


Will I be able to purchase graduation photos?

Yes, you will be given a few opportunities to “capture the graduation moment” in your official Northeastern academic regalia. A photographer will be available during the cap and gown distribution to take graduate portraits. They will also be available at the ceremony. Proofs, with information on ordering photos, will be mailed to all degree candidates immediately following the ceremony.

For more details you may contact:

Grad Images
Telephone: 800.261.2576

Where do I order a yearbook?

Please visit https://www.northeastern.edu/cauldron/ for all related details concerning the Cauldron Yearbook. You can contact them at northeasternyearbook@gmail.com.

Where do I order a Northeastern University ring?

You can order a class ring here.