Apply to Graduate

Apply to Graduate
All eligible degree candidates must complete the Graduation Application by the applicable deadline. Please read all Northeastern email correspondence in their entirety as they will communicate important information regarding this process and other related details.

Before you Apply to Graduate through your myNortheastern account, we recommend you take the time to review your current program information, i.e. degree, major, minor and concentration. Under the Services & Links Tab go to the Courses & Registration box, then click on the “Registrar Self-Service” link. From the Student Menu, click Student Records, then choose View Student Information; choose your term and click submit. Your expected graduation date and curriculum information will be noted on this page. Contact your academic dean’s office representative if you have any questions or if any of the information is incorrect.

If, or when, the information is correct, the next step is to confirm your date of graduation and then Apply to Graduate. Under the Self-Service tab in your myNortheastern, you will find the Degree Enrollment & Graduation box located at the bottom left corner of the screen. Choose the Apply to Graduate option and complete the application. If you receive an error message, your program information is incorrect, or you are applying after the deadline, please contact your academic advisor and do not complete the application until the issue is resolved.

The Apply to Graduate form is required and provides your college/school, the Office of the Registrar and the Commencement Office with the critical information needed to serve you. Failure to complete the application or late application will affect your access to ceremony guest tickets, printing of your diploma, participation in the ceremony, inclusion in the printed ceremony program, and other deadline driven components.

When completing the Apply to Graduate application, you will be asked to confirm the following information:

  • Level (i.e. Undergraduate Day, College of Professional Studies, etc.)
  • Degree Program
  • College
  • Major
  • Minor

You will be asked to enter the following information:

  • your Graduation Date (date that your degree will be conferred/awarded)
  • your intention to participate (applicable only to your specified commencement/graduation ceremony)
  • your name as you wish it to appear on your diploma
  • you may edit your middle name and suffix field only
  • your name will be printed on your diploma and in the ceremony program as you enter it on the application
    upper and lower case lettering must be used
  • if you wish to update your first and/or last name you must complete the appropriate form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar; once your form is updated in the University’s system you may contact the Commencement Office to update it in the Graduation Application
  • the Commencement Office and the Office of the Registrar reserve the right to update/correct names as needed
  • a fee will apply to any changes made after the diploma has been printed
  • diploma mailing address
    • if you have an international address you will be required to provide an international phone number
  • thesis/dissertation title and advisor name (applicable to doctoral candidates only)
  • phonetic spelling of your full diploma name

After You Submit Your Graduation Application
If you need to update your degree information (degree, major, conferral date, or other related fields) you must contact your advisor or the dean’s office of your college and request that they complete and submit a “Curriculum or Conferral Date Change” form to the Office of the Registrar. Changes to your diploma name or ceremony information (RSVP gown size/type phonetic name and other related fields) must be submitted to the Commencement Office no later than 6 weeks prior to your ceremony by calling 617.373.4098 or by emailing us. You may update your diploma mailing address by going to the “view graduation application” link in your myNortheastern portal.

Degree Conferral
Degrees are awarded according to the final clearance process through the Registrar’s Office and the Office of the Dean.