Expert on race and technology, Mutale Nkonde, will co-lead the upcoming Moral Labyrinth workshop led by CLIC artist-in-residence, Sarah Newman. In response to the global response to confront racial injustice, the workshop’s scope has also been expanded to include an opportunity for participants to consider the relationship between racial justice and questions of morality, ethics, technology, and law in the COVID era.

Mutale works at the intersection of race, technology, and policy. Her work as a senior tech policy advisor for Congresswoman Yvette Clarke in 2016 led her to involvement in the drafting and presentation of the Algorithmic Accountability Act in April 2019. Mutale is also the founder of the Dorothy Vaughn Tech Symposium, a briefing series that takes place on Capitol Hill. Her work has been covered in MIT Tech Review, WIRED, Venture Crunch, Muse and PBS News Hour, as well as being a co-author of a report on racial literacy and tech, and she speaks widely on race, policy, and AI.


This interactive workshop will provide an opportunity to grapple with the ethical, technological, legal, and racial justice questions that are arising, and continue to arise, in light of the COVID pandemic and after the recent police killings in the US. Led by CLIC Artist-in-Residence, Sarah Newman, with special guest Mutale Nkonde, this workshop will provide an opportunity to reflect  on some of the most pressing questions we face both individually and as a society. The workshop is focused on using creative, collaborative art as a way to wrestle with such questions.

Through a series of activities and discussions, participants will contribute questions that will later be assembled  into a “Moral Labyrinth”, providing an opportunity for further reflection and meditation on timely (and timeless) questions. The workshop-generated labyrinth will be exhibited online, and each participant will also receive a special copy of the labyrinth after the conclusion of the workshop. 

Event details:

Date: Friday June 12, 2020

Time: 12 – 2pm 

Register at:

Deadline to register: June 10, 2020

****Space is limited****

About the AIR residency: CLIC’s yearlong residency program works with artists whose work provokes necessary questions about society, technology, art, and the law. It is designed to engage law students and the greater Northeastern community to imagine and reimagine the role and consequences of foundational ideas in the law.