Talent Solutions

 Your Full Partner in the Employee Lifecycle


Northeastern University understands the challenges organizations face in building and retaining a highly qualified workforce. For more than 100 years, we’ve made it our mission to engage with employers to solve problems and lead change through our signature experiential learning model.


Northeastern is a top-tier global research university and recognized leader in experiential learning, centered in the world’s largest and most innovative cooperative education program.

We create successful business solutions that are customized, competency based, business focused, industry aligned and entrepreneurial. With a global network of corporate partnerships on all 7 continents and campuses in Boston, Charlotte, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Toronto. Northeastern provides real world business solutions for employers.

Northeastern is also the first university to create an online education model driven by cognitive science, informed by employers and powered by experiential learning.


High Potential Development and Succession Planning
Combines competency and skillset mapping, along with personalized development plans and consultancy projects to develop top talent for your organization’s future.

Internal Talent Mining and Pipeline Development
Discover undeveloped talents of your junior workforce while developing them to fill critical positions in areas like IT, cybersecurity, big data, project management and more.

Customized Professional Development Programs
With a diverse educational portfolio and deep faculty expertise, Northeastern partners with companies to design programs that fit the needs of your organization. Program delivery can take place at the site of your choice, including your office, our campuses, online, or in a combined hybrid format. Content areas range from leadership and innovation to business acumen.

Employee Learning and Development
Through our bachelors, masters or doctoral degree programs, certificates, and courses, Northeastern can help your employees enhance their skills, increase opportunities for advancement, and earn academic credit. We offer more than 120 degree programs that can be mapped to compliment your employee development program.


Cooperative Education Placements
Northeastern’s unique cooperative (co-op) education model integrates classroom learning with practical work experience, allowing employees to alternate semesters of academic study with six months of full-time employment in positions related to their major or career interests. For employers, co-op provides a cost- effective way to hire, develop, and on-board new talent.

The Experiential Network (XN)
The Northeastern Experiential Network (XN), in partnership with sponsoring businesses and organizations, provides graduate student professionals with short-term, real-world consulting projects designed to complement their academic work. Projects typically run six weeks and often inform a critical decision for the sponsor company. Employers gain access to top talent who can often increase their productivity without increasing their budgets. These employers can also glean fresh insights and give new and rising managers a chance to mentor high-talent students.

   Areas of Expertise

  • Business Acumen
  • Computer Science
  • Data Analytics
  • HR Workplace Analytics
  • Lean and Six Sigma
  • Legal Acumen
  • Succession Planning and Talent Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Fin-Tech
  • Healthcare Entrepreneurship
  • Inclusion and Innovation
  • Project Management


For more information, contact us at talentsolutions@northeastern.edu