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Project Update - March 2013

Thanks in part to the generous contributions made through Catalyst, in February 2013 Youth Action Africa was able to launch the Greenhouse Center in Bali, Cameroon. The main objective of the Center is to strengthen the Bali community by increasing access to information. The Greenhouse will serve as a Center where students, families, and professionals alike can gather to learn, share knowledge, and become engaged. The Center offers services that include Internet, computer literacy classes, library services, computer rentals and donations, computer maintenance, business consulting, entrepreneurship development, and printing services.

The Greenhouse Center is the first center of its kind in the Northwest region of Cameroon. Many other Internet centers offer only browsing services, and customers lack the resources required to access educational information. At the Greenhouse Center, members will not only be able to use the Internet to educate themselves, but will have access to computer literacy classes, library services, and more.

To learn more about the Greenhouse Center please view our complete report: Youth Action Africa - Greenhouse Report 1

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Our Project - May 2012

Youth Action Africa (YAA) at Northeastern University is collaborating with Jola Venture ( a Northeastern University spinoff working in Cameroon to deploy sustainable technologies, provide capacity building training and access to better markets to its target population. YAA and JV will collaborate to jointly set up a technology and entrepreneurship center in Bali, Cameroon. This multipurpose nonprofit center will offer courses geared specifically to the current needs of the local citizens. Our preliminary local survey proves that there is a huge need for computer literacy and entrepreneurship development courses for a majority of the citizens. This community of over 100,000 people has only one cyber café as the sole connection to computers and the Internet.

With the introduction of the Village Technology and Entrepreneurship Center, the local citizens will have access to affordable courses in computer literacy and business counseling for micro entrepreneurs. The program will also have an after school computer maintenance program for high school students, who will volunteer for the organization in exchange for a computer of their own upon completion.

Through YAA and Jola Venture, Cameroon has been an international co-op and volunteer destination for Northeastern University students since 2011. With your support, the Village Technology and Entrepreneurship Center will give our classmates and future students a home base to earn valuable work experience as global citizens for years to come.

Our Goal

Our funding goal is $3500. The money will be used to ship 50 computers from the U.S to the center in Cameroon. This will cost about $1500. Funding is also required to equip the center with resources such as a projector ($400), two lecture boards ($100), 30 additional desks ($900), computer and internet connectors ($200), software ($200) and class materials ($200).

About Youth Action Africa

Youth Action Africa is an organization based in Boston with a mission to alleviate poverty in Africa through improved access to information and entrepreneurship development. It is a global network of youths joining efforts to promote technological advancement in Africa as a means to alleviate poverty and improve health conditions through carefully crafted education initiatives that target specific areas of interest, and to create and implement innovative, sustainable and scalable project initiatives.

The organization was founded in 2008 by Roland Fomundam, a Northeastern University alumnus.  Since inception the organization has operated a center in South Africa and Ghana along with student chapters at Northeastern University and Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.

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