Northeastern Women's Club Volleyball

Video produced by the Women's Club Volleyball team 2016.

The Northeastern University Women’s Club Volleyball team is currently ranked 2nd among the 60 teams in the Northeast Women’s Volleyball Club League (NWVCL) and 17th in the nation for Division 1 schools, an accomplishment that we are extremely proud of! Each player continues to work her hardest every single practice in order to help our team improve to that number one spot and a higher national ranking. We have a very strong team this year, both offensively and defensively, and are confident that we can do extremely well at the NWVCL Regional Championship and at the 2016 National Collegiate Volleyball Federation (NCVF) National Championships held in Louisville, Kentucky.

Despite the demanding expectations of our academic concentrations, we commit to practicing three nights a week, including during midterm and finals week. Additionally, we travel all across the Northeast to compete in the most challenging tournaments in the league. Each individual is extremely dedicated to the sport and gives everything that she can each time she steps on the court. While our passion for volleyball has brought us together, we have developed relationships that extend far off the court, creating a fierce sense of loyalty, unity, and pride. We are all extremely proud to wear “Northeastern” on our jerseys and we can only hope for the opportunity to do so at the national level in April.

Attending the national championships in Louisville will allow our team to represent Northeastern University and the Club Sports department at the national level, help boost school spirit and help unify the Northeastern community through sports. We take pride in this valuable opportunity and will showcase this through competition with the top teams in the country. Finally, we strive to achieve the relentless success that Northeastern values and promotes to their students. 

On a yearly basis, the average cost to run our team is about $10,000 and much of it goes towards traveling to the National Championship. We ask each player to pay semester dues and participate in a number of fundraising activities, including promotions with local restaurants, scorekeeping/libero-tracking at all varsity volleyball games, and helping out at other university athletic events. Unfortunately, all of this is not enough. We are asking for your support to help us raise a small fraction of this amount, which will help us get one step closer to representing Northeastern at the national level. We have set a goal this semester to win a medal at the National Championship and with the team’s hard work and dedication, we know that this is possible! Please help us get to Louisville, Kentucky to make Northeastern proud! Our team is grateful for any level of support you can provide. Each contribution, small or large, will have a tremendous impact. Thank you for your consideration and as always, GO HUSKIES!

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise $1,500, which will be used to pay for our hotel accommodations for our team in Louisville from April 6th-10th 2016.

Our Stretch Goal: $3,500

Our Stretch goal is to raise an additional $3,500. This money will cover additonal hotel accommodation costs for 12 players and our coach as well as round trip flights to and from Louisville for six of our players.

Thank You For Your Support!


About Women's CLub Volleyball

The Northeastern University Women’s Club Volleyball Team is a member of the Northeast Women’s Volleyball Club League (NWVCL) and the National Collegiate Volleyball Federation (NCVF). We practice three times a week and participate in approximately 10 tournaments all over the northeast. We are currently ranked second in our league and 17th in the nation. This season we have 14 talented committed players from all over the country. Our season runs from September to April and finishes with the NCVF National Championships, which will be held in Louisville, Kentucky this year.

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