Northeastern University Club Triathlon Team

Video produced by the Northeastern University Club Triathlon Team 2016.

As a club triathlon team, we race and train every year in order to participate in the USAT Club Collegiate National Championship. This event is a one-of-a-kind gathering of triathlon teams from schools all across the country where everyone shows their best and is exposed to different regions and levels of triathlon experience. This year, nationals are being held by Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. Our team is planning to send 10 qualified athletes to represent Northeastern University, and we'll need the help of friends, family, and other potential donors to allow us to travel to South Carolina and represent Northeastern University on a national level.

The Club Triathlon Team provides all members of Northeastern University with the opportunity to experience endurance sports at their finest. The team welcomes individuals of all experience and athleticism and helps train them to become accustomed to the world of triathlons and multi-sport. Practices are held throughout the entire year for all disciplines, who swim, bike, and run through all sorts of conditions to gain a competitive platform when it comes to races. Our dedicated members who qualified for nationals have not only been persistent in attending practices, but have competed with the team in the New England Collegiate Triathlon Conference against regional schools such as BU, Rutgers, and UConn in an autumn race series. 

Club Collegiate Nationals serves as the culmination of all this hard work. Being able to send our members to nationals would provide an experience of competition and sportsmanship like no other among student athletes from all over the country. Nationals would also allow us to proudly represent Northeastern University as a school invested in a diverse selection of athletics. In 2014, NCAA approved triathlon as an emerging sport for women in Division I, II, and III, and as an emerging sport, it is important that club teams such as ours continue to show the dedication and competitiveness to bring the sport to the public eye. By representing Northeastern University at nationals, not only does the team raise awareness for triathlon among interested athletes across campus, but it shows Northeastern as one of the many schools that support the emergence of triathlon. With your support, we can continue to provide this tremendous experience for our student athletes!

Our Goal

Our initial goal is to raise $1,500 via Catalyst. $750 of these funds will go toward travel expenses, and the remaining $750 will be split evenly at $250 each toward lodging, bike transportation, and registration fees.

Thank you for your support!


About The Club Triathlon Team

Club Triathlon is a club sport consisting of about 30 to 50 active members. We compete in the North East Collegiate Triathlon Conference every fall against schools including MIT, Boston University, Drexel, and UConn. We also participate in triathlons throughout the summer, and we hold practice all year round. All of this leads to the Collegiate Club National Championships every April, where we send around 10 to 15 team members to represent Northeastern University.

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