Service-Learning in South Africa

Video produced by the Social Enterprise Institute, 2010.

This summer, our group of 44 Northeastern University students will travel to South Africa to study how businesses, universities, legislators, and communities are working together to improve the quality of life in Cape Town. We will academically analyze these partnerships and their impact, but we will also serve directly with our partners.

Direct service will make up the service-learning portion of our research program. We are utilizing Catalyst to raise funds that will allow us to not only bring direct service to our partners' programs but also provide seed funding.

The descriptions of our service-learning partners and some of the projects we hope to work on this summer are as follows:

Red Cross Society in Nyanga
At the Red Cross Society in Nyanga, we will assemble care packages for terminally ill HIV/AIDS families and deliver the packages to the families' homes accompanied by the community health worker. We will also work with children who are being looked after at the crèche center for HIV/AIDS positive families at the Red Cross.

Nonceba Family Crisis Center
Nonceba caters primarily to women and children who are victims of domestic abuse and provides counseling/safe housing for children who have been raped. The rape crisis in South Africa, particularly amongst children, is frighteningly high; the statistic is that a South African girl will have a higher likelihood of being raped than learning how to read. Nonceba provides after-school programming to protect children in the community of Khayelitsha, and also provides shelter residency to women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. At Nonceba, we hope to engage in projects like renovating office spaces, painting a mural, and working with children at their aftercare program.

Proudly Kasi Sports Initiatives
Proudly Kasi Sports Initiative is a sports administration organization founded by TSiBA Education social entrepreneurial students. Proudly Kasi aims to create a crime- and drug- free South Africa through the power of sport. Proudly Kasi works to provide services and job opportunities for youth living in troubled communities. With our fundraising we hope to support Proudly Kasi's annual events and their access to the Internet.

Etafeni Center in Nyanga
The Etafeni Project is a center that provides a wide variety of services to families affected by HIV in Nyanga, Cape Town. These services include nutrition counseling, income-generating activities, and homework help for children. We will travel to the Etafeni Project to volunteer with both the women and the children at the center, and we hope to raise money to support the various projects the center runs to strengthen families affected by HIV.

Service learning in South Africa will enhance our Cape Town experience by allowing us to not only give back to our partners but to learn how much it takes to keep their programs running year round. These organizations will give us opportunities to serve and offer us academic insights from the field, educating our student group on how different organizations can address Cape Town's intertwined social problems in uniquely effective ways.

Supporting our service-learning intiative will improve the townships of Cape Town, enrich our educational experience, and allow us to come away with lifelong lessons that we can apply to our studies at Northeastern University and through out our careers. We truly appreciate any contribution you can make to help us accomplish these goals.

Our Initial Goal = $2,000

Our initial Catalyst funding goal is $2,000. The initial $2,000 raised will allow us to purchase the materials required to carry out the above service projects and guarantee that we can make an impact during our trip. Thanks to our generous donors we reached this initial goal on June 15.

Our Additional Goal = $10,000

An additional $10,000 raised beyond our initial goal, we will allow us to scale up our projects leaving a true lasting mark on our service-learning partners. Access to capital for scaling and growth is extremely limited in South Africa, and we want to be able to not only provide service but effect lasting change in these communities - and that requires your help!

Thank you for your support!


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