South Africa Field Study Trip

This July we will be spending a month working in impoverished communities in South Africa through Northeastern University’s Social Enterprise Institute. We will team up with students from TSiBA which is a unique private, non-profit, business school in Cape Town that helps people without access to opportunities jump ahead in life. Our group will be assigned to local entrepreneurs to help improve their businesses.

While our weekdays are spent taking classes and working with local businesses, our weekends are filled with service learning projects that are designed, funded and implemented by students in partnership with organizations which serve the poorest of the poor. This year, we have identified four organizations with whom we have designed service learning projects, these include, Nonceba, a family counseling center that helps children who have been sexually abused or raped; Niall Mellon, an organization dedicated to building houses in the poorest places in South Africa; the Red Cross; and Harvest for Hope, a farming co-op.

These projects are more than just one-time donations. In these communities, where we have worked in the past, we will be creating opportunities and impact that will last long after we leave.

Our Goal

Our Catalyst goal is $2500. With these funds we will be able to complete the following service projects over the course of the trip:

Assisting children and community members in project development at the Nonceba Family Counseling Center - $500 for personal care items for women and children

Building houses to provide shelter for those in need with Niall Melon Township Trust - $1000 for construction materials

Establishing a sustainable food source program with the Red Cross - $500 for food packages and gardening supplies for people with HIV/AIDS and TB

Supporting micro-farmers through field work and food package assembly with Harvest for Hope - $500 for gardening supplies and food baskets

Thank You for Your Support!

About the Social Enterprise Institute Field Study Program

The Social Enter­prise Institute is grounded in the belief that business can be a powerful tool in helping to alleviate poverty in the developing world by utilizing enterprise based solu­tions. We believe we are building the next generation of global business leaders.

This is the fourth year of the SEI South Africa Field Study Trip. This year’s group consists of 45 students primarily from the College of Business, College of Engineering and College of Social Science and Humanities. In addition to carrying out their field study work, the group aims to help future Northeastern students by training them in effective fundraising and project design for service learning projects and identifying international 6 month co-op opportunities with the above organizations.

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