Northeastern University Sailing Fleet Raiser

Video produced by Northeastern University Sailing 2015.

Over the past five years, Northeastern University Sailing has grown to be one of the largest collegiate sailing teams in New England. Two years ago, we hired Olympic-level head coach Jonathan Farrar, who has taken our team to new heights in competition and attracted top talent from across the country. To support the incredible growth of our program, we hope to add two additional boats to expand our fleet to a total of six boats.

By expanding and upgrading our fleet, we will guarantee easy boat access for our team members to increase on-the-water training time and solidify the progress that we have made in recent years. These boats will allow us to practice more effectively and reach the next tier of competition in New England and around the country.

We pride ourselves on a strong work ethic both on and off the water. Our passion for the sport manifests itself not just while racing, but in the care with which we operate the team. As a student-managed club sport, we remain competitive in ranking and appeal against varsity programs across the country. We take great pride in what we do, but would be nowhere without the support of our donors.

We are asking you for a lot of support in a short period of time, but we promise that your donation will have a lasting impact on a large and passionate group of Northeastern students over the next decade. Not only do your donations help our team grow, but it will also help populate the Charles River with boats bearing the Northeastern split "N" on their sails alongside those of MIT, Harvard, and Boston University.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Our Goal

Our initial Catalyst goal is $5,000. This money will be used to purchase one of the two Collegiate Flying Juniors that we need to complete our fleet of six. These boats are built locally by WhiteCap Composites in Peabody, Massachusetts and are designed to be much lighter and resilient than traditional FJs. Any funds raised beyond our initial goal will be used to complete the FJ with sails, spars, and blades.


Thank you for your support!

Watch Your Gift Do So Much More

Follow us on social media and watch us give back to our local communities as we reach fundraising milestones over the course of our Catalyst campaign.

Final Benchmark = $5,000 (Completed, June 30)

We exceed our initial Catalyst goal! Thanks to you, our donors, we will be able to add an additional FJ to our fleet. To share our success, we have volunteered to coach a junior sailing clinic at Cottage Park Yacht Club in Winthrop Massachusetts on July 11. At the clinic, we will teach young sailors a variety of skills from basic mechanics to advanced tactics.

Second Benchmark = $3,500 (Completed, June 15)

Thanks to our generous donors we reached our second benchmark. To honor this milestone, we hosted a Pie-a-Sailor Event on June 22 in Centennial Common during New Student Orientation week. Watch our highlight reel!

First Benchmark = $1,000 (Completed, May 17)

Our first benchmark was honored with a Charles River Clean Up Day. Northeastern sailors headed out to the Esplanade to collect trash along one of Boston's greatest outdoor spaces.

New benchmarks will be announced throughout our campaign so make a gift, share our project, and stay connected!

About Northeastern University Sailing

Northeastern University Sailing is a self-funded club sports team that competes in the Intercollegiate Sailing Association in the Division I New England Conference. We practice out of the MIT Sailing Pavilion on the Charles River with our coach, Jonathan Farrar.

Composed of more than 40 sailors, we have grown substantially in the past five years, reaching 15th in our conference, hiring an Olympic-level coach, purchasing new boats, and racing competitively in every event we participate in. Over the fall and spring seasons we participate in more than 50 events.

Off the water we are a group of close friends and passionate teammates. We all work extremely hard to manage a 20-hour weekly sailing schedule with our school work, co-ops, and other extracurriculars. Sailing is not just a sport to us, it is a learning and leadership opportunity that we use to better our college experience and make lifelong friends.

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