Rock the Boat

Video produced by the Northeastern Sailing Team 2013

The Northeastern Sailing Team is looking to purchase eighteen brand new sets of sails for the upcoming spring season. Operating mainly out of the MIT Sailing Pavillion, our team has never had a full fleet of sails to call our own. We have expanded and grown tremendously in both size and talent over the past few years. By purchasing new sails, we will be able to further demonstrate our talent and better represent Northeastern University on the water.

Because of the number of teams that practice and compete in Boston, the sight of sailboats on the Charles River is an institution for the city. It would be an honor to display and showcase Northeastern’s name along with the likes of Boston University, MIT, and Harvard to all of Boston and its visitors from around the world. Thank you in advance for assisting us towards this goal by helping us fund the purchase of two of the eighteen sets of sails needed.

Our Initial Goal - $1600

Our Catalyst goal is to raise $1600 to fund the puchase of two sets of sails from North Sails. Each set of sails costs $800. This initial purchase will help aid us in our goal of obtaining 18 sets of sails by next spring.

Our Additional Goal - $1600

Thank you so much to all that have donated to our project. The team is grateful that we will have new sails to use for the next season, as it will make a big difference in our performance and our ability to represent Northeastern. We would like to post an extended Catalyst goal, to raise $1600 more to purchase two more sets of sails. The team is currently trying to purchase a full fleet of eighteen sets, so raising the money for additional sails would be a great boost towards our ultimate goal. Please help support the team so that we may better represent our university out on the water as we practice and compete.

Our Total Stretch Goal = $3200

Thank you for your support!


About the Northeastern Sailing Team

The Northeastern Sailing Team is one of the oldest college sailing teams in the country. Originally called "Northeastern Yacht Club," our humble beginnings started on the Charles River. Since then, with the progression of Sailing as a collegiate sport, Northeastern has become a part of the New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association (NEISA). With the support of students and alumni, the Sailing team has remained a consistent program at Northeastern over many decades.

Headed by past Olympic coach, Jonathan Farrar, the current team is comprised of 34 male and female students. Each student has the opportunity to sail at least twice a week, with many dedicating up to 5 days a week on the water. We are excited to see how our close-knit family of talented sailors will continue to excel.

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