Camaro Conversion

Our Project

The Northeastern University Society of Automotive Engineers gives students a chance to get their hands dirty and understand the various aspects of automotive technology that make up a car.  The first of its kind at Northeastern, our current project entails the conversion of a stock 1984 z28 Chevrolet Camaro into a drag racing car. Our goal is to successfully make an 11.5-second, quarter-mile run or faster while maintaining consistent times necessary to be competitive in our classification of racing. We will be racing the car at the New England Dragway in New Hampshire in April 2013.

With the Camaro now in our possession, we have begun the first phase of the project, but we need to raise additional funding to proceed with phase 2, which encompasses the modification of exhaust, suspension, chassis and engine for increased flow, better grip upon launch, increased rigidity and increased power and torque, respectively. With your help, we will be able to purchase the replacement and upgrade parts that we will need to achieve the power increases and weight savings to reach our goal.

This hands-on project gives us the opportunity to use our classroom knowledge in a real-world environment. It will challenge us in problem-solving while taking into consideration financial and scientific constraints. Finally, it will teach us the technical and project management skills that we can apply in our future careers. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise $1,000 in order to complete phase 2 of our project. These donations will go directly toward the purchase of replacement and upgrade parts which are crucial for us to reach our elapsed-time goal at the drag strip.


About the Society of Automotive Engineers

The Northeastern University Chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers is a student organization geared toward educating our members in the various aspects of automotive engineering. Our organization provides a hands-on learning environment where members can develop skills that can later be applied to co-ops and future professional positions. We incorporate the design, fabrication and installation phases into all of our projects in order to teach our members the various aspects of conceptual and practical knowledge required to build an automobile. 

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